You’re Invited. Pamela Geller announces Reclaiming the N-Word festival

On the heels of her successful Draw a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad event in Garland Texas, Free Speech heroine Pamela Geller announced today the next great leap forward in Free Speech rights has invited you to a nationwide “Reclaiming the N-word!” event. Join Pamela Geller, Amy Jacobson, Representative Joe Walsh Rand Paul and WLS morning host John Howell, as well as the entire GOP and the great patriots of Garland Texas as White people refuse to have their freedoms abridged.

“Drawing cartoons intended to offend Muslims was just the beginning,” said Pamela Geller. “We are reclaiming the freedoms that made America great.” She was speaking from her posh Manhattan apartment amid some of the $50 million she has received from secret sources to continue her brave efforts.

Among the groundbreaking civic work Geller hopes to accomplish, is making it okay again for White people to use the N-word when and where they please. Geller Hopes to move onto the Mexican and Hispanic community with the S-word, and the C-word for Chinese. Other groups she hopes to reclaim freedom against their desire for respect in America are the Japanese, Slavs, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Inuit, Indigenous Americans, the handicapped and the poor.

Walsh, who suffered a doubly embarrassing blow in the last election to both a woman and an Asian American, but found solace in mocking a crippled veteran’s wounds, said the loss of terms historically used to reaffirm oppression and power structures, which supported slavery, intimidation and genocide, of these “banned” words represent a cornerstone of American freedoms.

“Once coloreds and immigrants, especially the brownish ones,” Walsh said proudly to an audience of 7 upstanding American patriots who tapped their canes and rattled oxygen tanks in support, “we lost some of our god-given freedoms.”

Walsh was referring to upstart minorities who unilaterally decided so-called “derogatory” terms were offensive. That, Walsh and Geller agree, is a slippery slope. What’s next, Rand Paul told FOX host Sean Hannity, yesterday; Voting for everyone? Respect? Civil society?

“Ban the N-word,” said Amy Jacobson, settling into the AM1680 morning show, with her new male minder and verbal abuser, Dan Proft, “and little by little it’s mind police.”

When asked whether or not there would be an event to take back the K-word for Jewish Americans, Geller called the question anti-Semitic and deeply offensive , then stormed out of the interview.

For details on how you can get on the invitation list for this seminal event in the cause of defending American freedoms write to or call:
AM 560
25 NW Point Blvd. Suite 400
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 437-5200
Or Email Pamela Geller directly and tell her what minority you would like to abuse, and ask how to schedule the event with her:
Email me at

A note:
The author believes that parody and sarcasm of the above piece are integral to the perverse political climate of rightwing hate currently paraded under terms such as “Freedom.” In keeping with their penchant for twisting reason and discourse to the detriment and division of civil society, the intent of this piece was to use their assertion that all offense speech is protected under the First Amendment, the author asserts that and their position then excludes any legal or personal offense as an attempt to curb my First Amendment rights.

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