Wednesday: Rally at City Hall for Roshad McIntosh, Shot and Killed by Chicago Police

Family demands autopsy explanation, name of officer who killed Roshad as one-month anniversary of death nears

WHY: Roshad McIntosh was shot and killed by the Chicago Police Department on August 24, 2014. Sunday will mark the one month anniversary of his murder.

Chicago 9/17 — Family of Roshad McIntosh say they have not been told who killed their loved one, or why his body returned disturbingly mutilated after the autopsy that was performed. Police claim the shooting was “likely justified,” but community members say Roshad was threatened by CPD officers just three days before the shooting.

Roshad McIntosh Рage 18 Рwas gunned down by CPD at approx 7:20 p.m. on August 24, 2014 in the vicinity of Polk Street and California Avenue on Chicago’s West Side.

Since his murder, many eye witnesses from the community have said Roshad was cooperating and surrendering to police before they mercilessly executed him. Witnesses also claim Chicago Police Officers threatened Roshad’s life days before they ultimately killed him. It took CPD a few hours to recover the weapon that Roshad allegedly pointed at police. The fact that Roshad even had a gun is also disputed by eye witness testimonies. The community had a peaceful candlelight vigil to remember their fallen son. CPD showed up to this trying to take down candles, posters, and balloons that the community had placed in memory of Roshad. CPD told Roshad’s grandmother: “we are glad Roshad is dead – he deserved it”. It seems as though its not enough for CPD to exterminate black kids from the West Side- they also have to add insult to injury and psychologically terrorize the neighborhood.

Roshad’s family and community are not backing down! Roshad’s mother has vowed to “go all the way” in holding the murderers accountable and asks Chicagoans to join her in demanding CPD release the full autopsy report, the complete police report, and the names of the officers involved in the murder of Roshad McIntosh!

The murder of Roshad McIntosh by the Chicago police is a symptom of what some call the Chiraq effect- the occupation of West Side communities by the Chicago Police Department. Just like the military occupies, terrorizes, imprisons, and murders the people of other countries, so too does the Chicago Police Department occupy, terrorize, imprison, and murder the people of the West Side.

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