Warning: Very Offensive: Cartooning Mohammad in a Crowded Mosque

How about this; For purposely and unnecessarily inciting Muslims because that makes far more money on the rampant bigot circuit, should Pamela Geller, who is Jewish, be thrown into an oven and burned for creating an environment that recklessly offended people without purpose, and which led to the deaths of two men? Offended? What if she yelled fire in a crowded fire house, and a number of people were injured or killed in the panic? In was instrumental in the organization of a mean-spirited draw a cartoon of Mohammad contest in Garland Texas yesterday.

Geller, who runs what appears to be a nationalist Israeli front group aimed at agitating Muslims domestically as a means of bring the decades long impasse and inability of Israelis and Palestinians to get along to the United States. Her American Freedom Defense Initiative is little more than an effort to trick Americans into siding with a conflict in which both sides need a bit of a kick in the ass. By sides I mean the Israeli nationalist agitators and the Palestinian and Arab agitators who have turned hate and violence into an industry to the detriment of the great majority of Jews, Arabs and Muslims who really want no part in any of this.

Geller was the tramp who wanted to carry her masturbatory hate and business to New York busses, for no reason other than to upset Muslim fellow citizens and neighbors. So interested in defense of America and the first amendment, which doesn’t exist in Israel by the way, that she has fixated on the real threat to America. Yep, Muslims, who since September 2001 have been responsible for only a tiny fraction of violent terror incidents in America. Apparently her defense of America ignores tens of thousands of white supremacists and white neo-Nazi groups who have killed hundreds in the last decade (Detailed in previous Rev and Beer posts) as well as dozens of police officers, all of which is somehow not round the clock news like any incident around some hapless Muslim terrorist fuck up.

As it turns out yelling “fire” in a crowded theater isn’t against the law, but it does constitute reckless endangerment, which is against the law. Geller isn’t defending free speech. We are free to say what we want in the United States, however, when your only purpose is to offend, I will defend the person who busts you in the mouth. Geller, the fraud won’t face that because she hides behind her money stolen from dupes and Israeli taxpayers. She cowers in the shadows with other bigots and self-promoting garbage. She is an elitist rich kid who grew up wealthy but with no talent other than the propensity for being white trash despite her silver spoon. She is a big part of the problem and hardly a part of any solution. Please no jokes here, I’m in deep enough already. and if there ever was an argument against the first Amendment, Princess Geller is the poster brat.

Now, however, she can be branded a terrorist as well. Her actions directly led to violence. At the very least it is called aiding and abetting; that is a crime as well.

Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie

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