The People’s Lobby to Congress: Enough is enough!

Apparently, some politicians didn’t get the message after last week’s vote blocking Fast Track legislation from moving forward in the House. The House Rules Committee came up with a new scheme that would allow Fast Track to be voted on again TODAY.

ACT NOW: Send an email to Congress NOW to vote NO on Fast Track.

Please also CALL also the TPP action line at (888) 966-9836. Give them your zipcode to be connected to your representative.

Please also contact these representatives using 888 number above, as you are able:

REP BILL FOSTER use this zipcode to be connected: 60502

REP ROBIN KELLY use this zipcode to be connected: 60901

REP BOBBY RUSH use this zipcode to be connected: 60445

REP DUCKWORTH use this zipcode to be connected: 60118

REP DAN LIPINSKI use this zipcode to be connected: 60462

REP DANNY DAVIS use this zipcode to be connected: 60612

REP CHERI BUSTOS use this zipcode to be connected: 61101

REP LUIS GUTTIEREZ use this zipcode to be connected: 60647

REP MIKE QUIGLEY use this zipcode to be connected: 60618

REP SCHAKOWSKY use this zipcode to be connected: 60056

REP PELOSI (202) 225-4965

There’s a reason we were able to block Fast Track in the House last week: you and countless others keep telling Congress in no uncertain terms that you want “No Fast Track for the TPP!” We can’t let up now.

Corporate lobbyists’ and certain political elites’ attempt to ram Fast Track legislation through again so soon after last week’s failure — possibly as early as today — is a desperate move. I have every confidence we can stop them again, but we need your support once more.

Tell Congress enough is enough, and to say NO to Fast Track for the TPP.

You know the stakes here are very high. If passed, Fast Track would create a virtual rubber-stamp for dangerous trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that threaten jobs, wages, the environment, public health and more in your community and communities throughout the world.

As House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wrote recently in USA Today, “As we look to the future, it is clear that this debate on the trade authority is probably the last of it’s kind. The intense debate of the past few weeks has further convinced me that we need a new paradigm.”

Fast Track legislation really did take a major blow last week. Winning this vote should knock Fast Track out for good. Please take action now.

Your calls makes a difference.

In solidarity,

David Hatch, Executive Director

P.S. Click here to learn more about why the TPP is so bad for people around the world.

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