The obvious Burger King joke in the whole corporate tax dodge thing

Everyone missed the obvious Burger King joke in the whole corporate tax dodge thing. A new rant from the FILTHY PUNDIT(He ought to have his mouth washed out with soap) Politics, way over the %$#@ing top!………………..I’ll get to that in a minute, but first a shout out to economist Stephen Moore at the Rightwing propaganda mill, Heritage Foundation. In their fevered perversion of truth about corporate tax rates in the United States Moore once again proved that his economics degree must have come wrapped in a whopper. Burger King is buying Canadian Donut chain Tim Horton’s and may take its HQ to Canada to lessen their tax burden but not have to pay for the privilege of getting wealthy in America or contributing to the financial health of the nation. The corporate tax rate is just a few % above Canada’s, but the effective AVERAGE tax rate is up North is about 20%. Burger King essentially gets to lay off half most of their accountants. Most US Corporations pay little or no tax directly, costing about 17 billion to taxpayers. We pissed away $60 billion in Russian trade sanctions, but the tax inversion scam is a quickening trend in a backdoor attack against the average working class and poor people. It’s a drain to keep rich fucks even fucking richer. In fact, subsidies, gifts and tax forgiveness in 2014 alone, nationwide will amount to more than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. Walgreens, much to Moore’s chagrin, rethought a move to Switzerland in a tax inversion scheme to save $4 billion. When Sen. Dick Durbin reminded Walgreens that they were free to move to save $4 billion on the tax side, they’d lose $15.7 billion in Medicaid and Medicare subsidies. For the brilliant Mr. Moore, that’s called math. Truth is, the pressure is building strongly against corporate giveaways by the public. FOX news says it’s all about the marketplace and profits, and the market should decide, then why the fuck are they getting government money or help or credit in any fucking way? Sink or swim, bitches! That’s the marketplace, right? Instead the US bought and paid for gov. gives money to profitable companies? Right! As for Burger King? Here’s the joke. The downside of Burger King buying Canadian donut giant Tim Horton’s means that nobody will be able to find a Tim Horton’s either!

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