Johnny Caught tha’ Autism #autism

The mother of an autistic child with a law degree is a dangerous thing. Likewise an conman with Doctor in front of his name perennially running for president is also just as dangerous. Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzich was a doctor, and peasants followed him into villages raping and slaughtering neighbors and countrymen. What matters is facts and knowledge and understanding and test-ably provable science. They, however, get on FOX and MSNBC and CNN, and even on Democracy Now, so we can all celebrate the illusion of fairness. We are now in a position of debating idiots. Like Man-driven Global Climate Change, no amount of facts will change their mind, so the culture bends over backwards because their little urchin “caught” autism.

I’m old enough to remember getting separate Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccinations at school during the 1960s. In 1971, for the sake of crying kids everywhere, the vaccines were combined into one. Anyone born before 1975 recalls standing in line at school, trembling knees, dry throat, watching as teary-eyed and sniffling Johnny and Janey shuffled from their mandatory shot.

Amy Goodman on today’s Democracy Now, in the ultimate interest of fairness had on a lawyer-not a scientist, and the editor of a book “Vaccine Epidemic,” that relied on the same fraud tactic employed by the corporate media and talk radio to discredit 14 scientific studies, involving thousands of health professionals and scientists, in 14 countries studying hundreds of thousands of children. All 14 studies found no causal link between MMR vaccines and autism. The argument that confuses the issue; I know a guy. In other words, like Climate Change, the I know a guy defense, or I know what I know attitude trumps effective, proven and repeatable scientific findings.

The cult of the mommy syndrome, we see is as prevalent on the Liberal side of the isle as it is on the Conservative side. While media pundits blame one side or the other, this isn’t a partisan issue. Exactly like Climate Change, it is a science-caveman issue.

Amazingly, none of the kids in my grade school came down with autism after getting the MMR vaccine. Suddenly one Wednesday at 2pm Joey the Geek wasn’t suddenly missing from Mr. Proft’s Social Studies class, another victim of the MMR vaccine. There were no spikes or sudden increases in the numbers of autistic children back then. Although at my high school 10th reunion there was that ex-football player with the mullet who was throwing pats of butter at the ceiling in a fine dining hall…no, couldn’t…

The vaccine has changed only in minor ways over the years. The primary change was due to the vaccine alarmist lawyers and parents when this whole hysteria began 15 or so years ago. That only added preservatives. Prior to that the changes were in actually weakening, essentially watering down the MMR vaccine.

What has changed is a tolerance for allowing stupid or ignorant people to be taken seriously in debates critical to our collective health and to the planet. What has changed is this knee-jerk anti-government immaturity, a corporatized internet and info-tainment culture and the cult of the mommy that allows for parents to ignore the impact of their actions on the community in which they inflict their god-like little urchin.

And if its all about your kid and you don’t want vaccinations, or a commie teacher accidentally challenging your brat about science, a 6000 year old earth where dinosaurs fought cowboys, or that some people in the world might be born different than you: Buy a ranch in Alaska or move to the side of a mountain where you’ll never meet anyone who thinks different from you and leave the rest of us to continue evolving.

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