Revolution and Beer TV Show Episode 4: Feminism part1

On this show we explore an issue that might be considered an odd pick for some straight working-class fellas…but only if you’re afraid of working and organizing alongside intelligent, creative, and empowered women. I won’t speak for Turck because it’s not my jurisdiction (I know damn well whose it is;), but as for me; regardless of the nature or breadth of the interaction, I can’t get enough of that spirit.

If you are intimidated or unsettled by that sort of thing, just don’t tell your homies you watched it. You can gain one up on them with some invaluable perspective, and it can be our little secret, man…really.

Feminism has a long and dynamic history. At the better turning points in our cultural development, it’s been the empowered feminine spirit that swept-in to provide the passion and resolve to strengthen the foundation of revolutionary progress and peace.

To help us grasp the essence of what feminism means in our society and culture—as well as our city—we’ve asked our friends Paula Kamen, Regina Buccola (@TheLittleProf), and Linda Bubon to join us; and toss a few back. This may be one of the few informative, and non-awkward conversations that you’ll ever witness in a bar on the topic. It can actually can be done, and not likely what you expect.

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