Revolution and Beer Episode 6 – TIFfed Off

This episode was shot at the Peoples Church, in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. Our guest was Tom Tresser of The TIF Illumination Project and CivicLab Chicago. He joined us to illuminate the issue of Tax Increment Financing districts in the City of Chicago–that is until the lights went out. Spoookyyyy…..

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Corporate Welfare: Radio Notes, Sunday, April 14, 2013

We had updates on the CPS actions from the last week, a Rogers Park meeting of Democracy in Action, Woodlawn Protest Thursday. The Beer of the week, Saugatuck’s Singapore IPA and Chef AJ Francisco’s delicious food pairing, and your property taxes given directly to millionaires?

Higher numbers of #homeless kids, significantly higher special ed needs, higher unemployment, lower median income, higher poverty. Families drive communities. The failed policies of the city government have created dead zones in the city. 2.2bill has been spent on schools since 2010, 2.7on incarceration. CPS has said they will spend $676,000 per school for additional security personnel, police support, and safety programs.

Beer of The Week:

Saugatuck Singapore IPA, 7% APU. IPAs were traditionally crafted with higher alcohol by volume, ABV, to preserve it on long trips from Europe to Asia. Today that’s called an SUI-sailing while intoxicated. This is a very smooth IPA, with a fruity aroma, nice bitterness. A.J. Francisco, our resident chef, paired this beer with sweet and spicy honey and chili pepper glazed wings, Ancho chili, and coffee encrusted strip steak, with a creamy reduction drizzle made with this IPA.

Read our full write-up on this beer.

Upcoming Events:

  1. Woodlawn, fight for your schools
    Thursday, April 18th 6-8pm 1st Pres. Church 6400s. Kimbark woodlawn
  2. REMINDER – DIAC – monthly meeting Sunday, April 14th – 3:00 p.m. – Special Presentation Sunday, April 14th  3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. @ A Just Harvest 7649 North Paulina Street, Rogers Park, Chicago, IL 60626 Featured speaker – Jacob Swenson from The People’s Lobby. A Just Harvest is located at the southeast corner of the Paulina and Jonquil Streets intersection, one block north of Howard at the Red Line end-of-the-line station

May Day 2013

maydayWe have posted a good list of events and actions leading up to, and happening around May Day. Chicago generally focuses it’s efforts around May Day on immigration. This year’s theme is still on that point. The main rally has been named the “International Workers Day March for Immigration Reform.” See our expanding list of events here to find a way to plug in.

Thanks to Tom Tresser this past Thursday for sitting down with us at The Peoples Church, in Uptown area of the 46th ward of Chicago. We talked about the gross mismanagement of the city’s TIF funds, for example: 29.5 million TIF funds to a river north skyscraper in the West Loop, when there is already ample empty office space throughout the loop. There is no demand for this building. This is our money going to already wealthy developers, and nowhere near what most of us would consider a blighted neighborhood. This is a high end district. This means TIFs from your property taxes, skimmed from your money and given nakedly to the wealthy. Austerity, anyone?

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