Shut Up! Revolution and Beer Reactionary of the Week

The strategy of the Democrat party is that people will become dependent upon government so they will continue to vote for Dems. So says the deposed Representative Joe Walsh, a man who has been or done nothing but fail at everything he’s done. He’s never run a business, created anything, but never mind that as he accuses Barack Obama, who managed to get elected twice, of the same thing. He has crafted a gig as a skilled liar and propagandist, and is sly enough to deflect to the dullest among us that he is not actually a bigot and a racist.

Dependent on government. Hmm. But this is the tripe, along with tangential and veiled racism the Right has become afflicted with. On yesterday’s show Ole Joe, who still lies about busloads of illegal immigrants coming down from out of state to vote for Tammy Duckworth(Got proof, Joe. It’s a felony to rig elections. It is also a crime to conceal evidence of a crime, Joe). She’s the veteran the chicken hawk Right, like Joe, who never served a day in his life, panders to, but then belittles and berates. Despite losing half her body in combat, Walsh, who has only seen combat in his own pants demeaned and derided her sacrifice.

Then there was this, one of his unending hypocrisies that his sycophant audience, all as embarrassingly ridiculous, self-amused and ill-informed as Walsh, never seem to get. Walsh slobbered over a story purported to show Dems in California were in an open conspiracy to trick people into voting Democrat by pre-checking the “D” box on voter registration cards. Joe, who doesn’t believe there is any global climate crisis fully regurgitated an obviously false story by an “unnamed California Republican couple” showing the only pre-marked card. He then went on to say that it was obviously about illegal aliens voting and getting free healthcare. However, regarding a Sun Times story about a Northwest side man, 54 year old William O’Connell, a conceal carry holder who pulled a gun over a rent dispute Walsh used the Allegedly 9 times. He never once used the word in regards to the unnamed republican couple nor questioned why only one card, sent out by the Secretary of State’s office and not the Dems turned up. And if you want to argue that California SoS Debra Bowen is a Dem, that just bolsters my argument for the dissolution of both parties in favor of a vibrant multi-party system. So shut up!

“(the) Sun Times puts this one incident on the front page,” Walsh fumed, “as if 16 people died!” Although 16 or 60 wouldn’t matter to this reprobate who openly politicized the deaths of children at Sandy Hook and called for more guns and less gun control. see here is the rub, guns aren’t about your safety, it is about the unprecedented profits to the gun industry who, through Walsh’s manipulation, keeps you afraid of shadows in order to buy more guns. It is about a society and people isolated from those around them because of guns and fear that makes you easy pickings for corporate propaganda, which Walsh proliferates.

Walsh is never at a loss for faux outrage, invoking fear and meanness about the poor, immigrants, Muslims to his white audience of bigots, 17th century mentalists, and critically misguided and misinformed poor and middleclass and predominantly suburban audience, while the corporations he fellates robs them blind. Never once has be discussed the corporate coup crafted under TPP to steal America’s sovereignty and loot our treasury, because he’s part of the “look over here at the shiny keys” crowd. He’s positively orgasmic over cutting a few billion in food stamps to the poor but never once, never once, mentions the conservative estimate of $476.4 billion, state, local and federal given to corporations annually. he’ll condemn your kid’s teacher’s pension before acknowledging the corporate welfare whores who are the true robber barons. His listeners pretend their patriotism. Real patriots don’t advocate for smaller government that will be replaced by bigger corporations!

Finally, the great patriot and tough guy behind the microphone called Israel, which is arguably an ally, a “sacred” ally, saying that Palestinians were to blame for the conditions they live under. “The territories aren’t disputed,” he said, “they’re Israel, and Jerusalem is the capital of Israel!”

This was after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, an elected US official was rhetorically sodomized into begging forgiveness to billionaire election manipulator Sheldon Adelson after remarking how’d he’d flown over the “…occupied territories…”

Where is your fraudulent patriotism now, Walsh and Tea Partiers? Not a word as representatives of a foreign nation force an American elected official to grovel, albeit because he’s a whore for the money.

Walsh supports crimes against humanity, which brands him in my book a war criminal. He supports elected officials being controlled and subservient to a foreign power, making him a traitor. And he perverts religion by supporting this twisted anti-Jewish end-times death cult, which, in my view makes him a heretic and anti-Christian-and certainly anti-Semitic. Also, after dodging multiple challenges for a debate on our radio, social media and TV show, Walsh is kind of a Dick. He won’t because he fails on truth and real American and Christian values. What’s it gonna be Joe? Man enough to come on our show? I’ll buy the beer.

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