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jhOK, not really. However, I did think it would be useful to post some links related to Jeremy Hammond and his recent sentencing to 10 years federal prison because people are curious–as they should be. His crime? He exposed collusion between the government and the private sector to frame political dissenters as terrorists. They don’t like it when you point that out. Not your grandmother’s America.

The first is by is by a wonderful and passionate woman who I recently spoke with for a HuffPo article about Jeremy’s twin brother Jason. Her recent article was actually held for release by the request of Jeremy’s legal team, and happened a few months ago. The second is about last year’s attempt by his support community to have Judge Preska recuse herself. The 3rd is his “official” statement at his sentencing last Friday, with the names of FBI-selected targets redacted. The fourth is what is currently thought to be his full statement, without omissions.

Vivien Wiesman HuffPo article about Jeremy

About last year’s attempt by his support community to have Judge Preska recuse herself:

Jeremy’s statements during sentencing (censored):

Thought to be Jeremy’s statements during sentencing (uncensored):

And a perspective piece by Chris Hedges about his interview with Jeremy a few days before his sentencing:

Here’s our interview with Sue Crabtree on WCPT’s Our Town with Mike Sanders. She’s the woman who has done an enormous share of the organizing within his support network; all gratis.

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Sue Crabtree on Alleged #Antisec Hacker Jeremy Hammond & The Stratfor Hack

The Stratfor hack was a hack executed under the Antisec flag. Antisec was infiltrated by the FBI specifically for this hack.

Update: Recent post on that outlines what’s next as his sentencing hearing draws near.

A little over a week ago Jeremy Hammond, a young Chicago native who has been held in jail for over 400 days without trial, put out an emergency call for support across the Free Anons support network for a hearing that is probably almost over at this moment. The request that came across the network was not detailed in the nature of this short-notice hearing:

“It is imperative that we pack the courtroom for Jeremy Hammond on May 28 at 10am. This is an extremely important and Jeremy has contacted FreeAnons and asked for as much court support as possible. On this hearing date we must fill the courtroom. Your attendance is requested and needed. The hearing will be at the Federal Courthouse in New York at 10:00am. Please, if you have never been able to get to any other hearing, come to this one. The courtroom is 12A. We will gather at Foley Square directly across the street from the courthouse. The Jeremy Hammond Solidarity Network will hold a press conference following this hearing.”

Jeremy has been accused of being a key player in the hack of Stratfor Inc., which took place in December of 2011. As the support network gathered and tuned in at New York city’s Foley Square, from across the country and elsewhere, the purpose was revealed in Jeremy’s own words:

“Today I pleaded guilty to one count of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This was a very difficult decision. I hope this statement will explain my reasoning. I believe in the power of the truth. In keeping with that, I do not want to hide what I did or to shy away from my actions. This non-cooperating plea agreement frees me to tell the world what I did and why, without exposing any tactics or information to the government and without jeopardizing the lives and well-being of other activists on and offline.”

Here’s the full statement:

Other links:

There are some very inappropriate projections as to Jeremy’s “ideology” in this piece that are a bit absurd, but it gives a decent overview:

Support Jeremy:

Mail to Jail program

Donate to Jeremy’s defense fund.

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