Wrap-up From Sunday’s Radio Show

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Beers of The Week:

  • Murphy’s Red Ale
  • O’Fallon’s Rager Red
  • Great Lakes Conway’s Irish Ale
  • Murphy’s Stout
  • Smithwick’s Red Ale

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Revolution and Beer the TV Show

Thanks to Michael Roper, owner of Hopleaf, Dave Funcheon from 101 celsius and Dr. Lora Chamberlain for joining Brian and I on the first Revolution and Beer show, which will air this May on CAN TV.

Issues and Actions:

Out of the Shadows Immigration Rally


From the north side to the south side, we’re working our asses off to help people as they fight for their homes.



Revolution and Beer was on the front lines as Michael Madigan flip-flopped on a moratorium of fracking. He cynically used the moratorium issue to squeeze Fracking companies for more taxes, and it seems to have worked. He would love for you to call him and demand his support for HB3086 and SB1418 @ 217/546-7404. Stop the Frack Attack on Illinois. Call your IL Rep and Sen at 1-217-782-2000

CPS bans the book “Percepolis,” by Marjane Satrapi:

This week, CPS banned the book, Percepolis by Marjane Satrapi, a coming of age novel about a young girl in Iran growing up under a tyrannical and oppressive government. Sound familiar? Call the CPS Chief executive Barbara Byrd-Bennett and suggest a book she can ban next @ (773) 553-1500. Be creative with your choices.

Keep your calendars open for April 5th.

Next week we will have a major announcement, so stay tuned.

And just for fun:


Get active, change the world, and please do it with a decent beer in your hands.

P.S. Hope you made it safely back to your bed after St. Patrick’s day!

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