You had to make it a war against a religion, now look what you’ve done!!!

A new rant from the FILTHY PUNDIT(He ought to have his mouth washed out with soap) Politics, way over the %$#@ing top!………………..been reading quite a bit on ISIS, those shitheads in Iraq created by This country. I won’t even say Righties, because all Americans really are to blame for this one by being fat, stupid and lazy…and worst of all ignorant of what our Muslim friends and neighbors, the vast majority good and decent Muslims were trying to tell us after September 11th…Don’t make it about religion. And it wasn’t. It was about fucking criminals who hid behind religion, sort of like George Fucking Bush who called Iraq a “crusade” and infused all the jerk –off militarism and self-fellating nationalism with Christian evangelical garbage. Same fucking animals in my book. And we are fucking schizophrenic-apologies to a few of my actual, lucid, intelligent and coherent, clinically diagnosed schizophrenic friends- but have you heard our media and Republicans talk about George Bush and the Iraq invasion as if they weren’t fucking cheerleading and economically gang-raping the Dixie chicks through that whole “with us er against us shit? Righties who couldn’t cum hard enough at the thought of fucking up Iraq, and who, like Shaun Hannity still claim there are WMDs hidden there? But unlike the original Iraqis, these ISIS fucks fight and cut off heads, so all the righties are pussing out. And by the way, I just watched a video about ISIS capturing SCUD Missiles but first had to sit through a Bank of America commercial showing fat rednecks and a Chevy truck going to a BBQ/bypass operation. How’s that for fucking disconnection and foreshadowing? And for the eternal hand-ringers for perpetual peace, we created this mess, and it is a mess. We don’t get to walk away from it. You make a mess, you clean it up! Which doesn’t absolve the neighbors there either. Those assholes had better pony up too. It’s like we are all sitting nice and quite in a bar and two guys named George and Dick come in and stir up a mess of trouble, riling up folks otherwise under control, throwing the bartender into the alley and chasing off the bouncer, then leaves you with the tab. Some weird guy in the corner starts fucking shit up, threatening the girls in the bar, stabs a guy and lights a table on fire. You hate the thought of a fight, but you’re the only guy big enough to take this fuck on and straighten the bar back out so you can get back to your quiet beer and the game. What do you do? Pussie out, say you don’t give a shit about the bully and the victims. Maybe you’ll find another bar, rotting inside because you knew you’d pussed when someone really needed a hero. Then again, maybe that weird asshole follows you to the new bar and the one after that. That’s sort of what ISIS is. They’re a little prick, turned bully and now they’ve turned it on full force against the small and the weak, and there ain’t a mirror in the universe that hides the shame of letting it happen when you could stop it cold. There ain’t a grave deep enough to bury all that shame in, but that’s just me…I fucking hate bullies, and these guys are the bullies pulled straight from hell’s rotted asshole. Send ‘em back and do it hard. They’re in a desert for christ’s sake. Ain’t like we’re gonna wreck much else.

CAM00236WC Turck is an author, artist, playwright and talk radio host in Chicago. He has been called the most dangerous voice on the Left. He is currently working on a new book “Shoot Down: An unflinching look at the events leading up to the shooting down of Malaysia Air Flight 17.” His first novel, “Broken” was recommended by NAMI for its treatment of PTSD. In 2006 he published “Everything for Love,” a memoir of his experiences during the siege of Sarajevo. He wrote and produced two critically acclaimed plays, “Occupy my Heart” and “The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden.” He works with the homeless and foreclosure victims in Chicago. He partners in a weekly radio show dedicated to issues, society and politics with cohost, activist and artist Brian Murray For more information, past shows, videos and articles, visit

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