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Louisiana republican, senator David Vitter this week introduced a bill that would cut funding for so-called sanctuary cities which do not actively or aggressively harass undocumented immigrants. Senator Harry Reid called it the Donald Trump bill, a reference to the incendiary and opportunistic rhetoric by presidential candidate and bombast, Donald Trump.

The bill calls for cities that do not “comply” with federal laws regarding arrests and deportations of immigrants to face sanctions and cuts to federal funding. Sanctuary cities simply have decided against using municipal funds or employees to enquire about an individual’s immigration status. It also relieves additional financial burdens on municipalities which find themselves cash strapped to greater and greater degrees. The term holds no legal status. begun in Los Angeles in the 1970s, the intent was to remove additional burdens to local police, and to prevent discrimination. Attempts to ban or sanction so called sanctuary cities is merely a political ploy and has no actual basis in law or practice.

The biggest idiocy is that these same republicans are the same retro-evolutionary amphibians cheering and flouting federal laws regarding a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body, who insists about imposing creationism in public school curriculum, legislating at state levels end runs around anti-discrimination laws, imposing religious texts in courtrooms and celebrating lawless militias deploying to murder federal law enforcement officers in Nevada supporting a scofflaw rancher while now proclaiming “Blue Lives Matter.”

Of course, “Blue Lives Matter,” referring to police, is merely the right’s tongue in cheek end run around actually using the word “Nigger” to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement.

But consistency has never been a hallmark of the Right. What is far worse, however , are the people who fail to recognize glaring contradictions on the Right, which are the size of China’s Great Wall. And these people, like the media dulled Weebles that they’ve become walk right into that wall, turn around and slam into it again and again.
The Right constantly drumbeats about low information voters, referring to liberals and Progressives and anyone who sees through the hurricane of bullshit on the Right, as well as those not stupid enough to vote against their best interests. but when push comes to shove I’ll take the low information voters on the Left over the low IQ voters on the Right any old day!

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