Smear: The Right attacks Reza Aslan

This is my standard; convicted war criminal and one of the architects against the genocide of Muslims in Bosnia, Radovan Karadzic, never publically gave an explicit order to eradicate Muslims civilians, to rape, loot or drive people from their homes. He gave his tacit approval by his silence, by the inflammatory and hate-filled rhetoric, and then defended it through carefully constructed language. Karadzic was guilty of his crimes.

Standing on frontlines, held at frontline checkpoints by armed paramilitaries, in towns and villages where hundreds had been executed, and talking with snipers who regularly took victims on Sarajevo streets, those Serbs were active on silent but explicit orders. The assault on human rights and dignity has not ended, nor do I reasonably expect it to disappear in my lifetime, but I stand against selective dignity and selective rights, and efforts to trick and cajole communities, or a part of a community into the compliant corner of ignorance and hate. It is why I am adamantly in opposition to so-called men-culture thieves-like Glenn Beck. I have seen his kind before.

Yet I am constantly astounded by the blind supplication by an audience to Beck. I would expect some audience, mirroring the demographic of sociopaths inherent in the general population. But men like Beck are allowed legitimacy, this for a shameless self-promoter who perennially predicts upheavals, catastrophes and calamities that never come. It’s like those pious semi-cult leaders who proclaim the rapture and decry a date, only to have it pass as just another day. Take his latest Mosquito coast garbage today, which would be laughable if Beck didn’t enjoy a poisoned audience of animated fools, bigots and shut-ins.

Earlier this week Beck reacted to the new book by Reza Aslan, the author of “Zealot,” an attempt to look more humanly at the life of Jesus in the context of his time. The video of Aslan embarrassing a FOX News host regarding the book went viral on Youtube: Beck seemed to have backed off the attitude that Aslan needs to shut up, but my take on his words this week describe another direction of attack simply to discredit a man who got over on a Rightwing tool on FOX. His costume outrage on today’s show had the feeling of a smear as he attempted very pointedly to discredit Aslan.

Never once did Beck talk about the substance of the book. Instead he went off into a paranoiac lather about a vast conspiracy involving thousands including Aslan, Media Matters, George Soros, the Tides Foundation and Iranians.

“Somebody else is pouring money into him(Aslan),” Beck said on his radio show today. “The Levantine Culture Center partners with Code Pink…They’re extreme Leftists.”

“Fine,” said a magnanimous Beck, “he can write about Jesus. I would just like Christians to write about Islam without being killed.”

First, when did even Christians come to OWN Jesus? Islam views him as a prophet, and last I checked, Jesus lived and died a Jew. So I think that means he is significant to all three. Second, his co-host, one of several yes men to stroke Beck when he requires it, said that Christians don’t write books about Islam, that about a quarter hour into hour two of the show. Which is really odd, since I found a great many openly and unabashedly anti-Islam books just in the first half dozen pages on Amazon, such as Islamophobe Robert Spencer’s “The Truth About Muhammad and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades).”

Beck finished coughing out his media hairball by bantering about tweets by Aslan, which sounded to me to show frustration at being harassed. It is well-known how the Right annoys and harasses targets and dissenters to their hate cabal. Now, I am not saying that Beck set up Alsan as part of the effort to discredit him, or to attempt to add substance to his diarrheal attempt at structure, but it certainly has been a tactic on the right:, not convinced?, or Tea Party shills yelling “Glenn Beck.” How about this goon for Gun Prnographers and the Right, Or, or,

We’ll have more on Beck and others speaking irresponsibly or maliciously as a means to coarsen the culture or to eliminate opportunity for those not defined or oppressed by the status quo. We will continue to fight against anti-Islam hate speech, unjust statements and attitudes towards immigrants and the attempt to legitimize racism. It’s a big fight, and as always we welcome a debate with Beck on any topic of his choosing, and we’ll do our best to get this piece into his stained fingers. Doubtless he’ll prove his penchant for cheap shots and cowardice, but we’ll see.

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