Shaming Jesus

We hear all the time from the right how they speak for Jesus when again and again it becomes a do as I say not as I do scenario. At some point you must ask yourself if they are simply invoking the name to keep you under control, that is, shaming you into compliance with crafted and concealed deals and policies, cloaked in religion that are meant simply to provide a few with greater power, privilege and security at the expense of the rest of us. The refugee catastrophe, which Revolution and Beer has chronicled and followed for several years now, is a case in terribly stark and tragic point.

The crisis now in Europe’s heart reached a current peak this week when Hungary closed its border to tens of thousands of refugees(Migrants is an insult to the desperate plight of these people) were driven back with truncheons, water cannons and tear gas as they tried to cross the border. Note, that none of these people have food, water or shelter or any understanding of how they and their families will survive day to day. Hungary was refused barbed-wire by a German anti-capitalist company-Sarcasm Alert here.

Interestingly Serbia, not known over the last two decades for a particular love of Muslims was gloriously receptive and merciful to these poor people. Many thousands flooded across the border into neighboring Croatia where there was an outpouring of support, love and help from average people. In talking with people from the Balkans, many of whom survived the cascade of wars in the breakup of the former Yugoslavia it seems the crisis awakened memories for Croats and Serbs of their own nation’s recent struggles. Where religion once seemed to define untold horrific and barbaric acts there is now a common humanity and the understanding of the necessity, the moral imperative to help someone in need.

Renata Ivosh, mother and grandmother, survivor of the siege of Sarajevo and a refugee from Bosnia went with her daughter to the train station in Zagreb with cookies and juice for Syrian refugees. The family, living in a tiny basement apartment makes less than $10,000 a year for a family of 4. A farmer who survived the destruction of Vukovar in 1991 hoped his farm to hundreds of passing refugees, feeding and sheltering them. Contrast that to former Illinois Representative Joe Walsh, with a net worth estimated at well over a million dollars decried on his radio show that there is no money to help even a few thousand refugees headed to this nation of nearly 400 million. He rebuked the Pope’s suggestions that catholic parishes open their doors, saying it is what Jesus would do. Last week Walsh actually said that in that case “Jesus was wrong!”

So the question is, is it the words or the deeds? Who claims to speak for Jesus and who is actually doing the work he described in help the least of his brethren? The answer may shock you. The answer speaks directly to much of the ills our nation faces. The answer might empower you more than you ever thought possible, to the detriment of frauds and used car salesmen like Walsh, Trump and Hillary.

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