Rascal Martinez on Revolution and Beer Artist Spotlight

rascal1On this very special show we explore the songwriting of Rascal Martinez, a fresh new singer/songwriter from Nebraska. You may have heard him on the show before, but his new album, The Original Acoustic Sessions, is powerfully inspired. If you like music from the heart, you’ll find this exclusive interview soul-southing. For those who grew up listening to Buddy Holly or Johnny Cash, and you wonder what happened to music…

We highly recommend you getting a copy of  Rascal Martinez’s new album: The Original Acoustic Sessions.

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Old Single Mom Pays Us a Visit

The_Original_Acoustic_SessionsWell, WC found a hell of a stand-in for this show. While I was out being an old single dad, he replaced me with the amazing Old Single Mom (btw, she’s not that old). The balance is great and she definitely provides a much needed perspective on the issues that were discussed. We also played some amazing new tracks from Rascal Martinez’s new album: The Original Acoustic Sessions.

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Julia Pham of Relish Underground Dining Does a Mean Rosie Perez

The beautiful Julia Pham, chef and founder of Relish Underground Dining, joins us to talk about food, city regulations, the price of getting noticed, and just about everything from gender to Rosie Perez. You gotta hear her impersonations. Thanks to Drew Prince of Magic Radio Chicago for connecting us with Julia. Thanks to Darren Wilson and Phil Banks for adding some great commentary to the discussion.

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Kerry Junior: A Musician and a Story You Want to Hear

Our featured guest on the January 15th show was singer songwriter Kerry Junior. This talented fella’ from Gary Indiana—originally born in Chicago—played his beautiful blend of folk and acoustic pop for us live in the studio. Kerry also shared with us his powerful story of growing up without talking until a very late age, which is quite hard to believe were you to meet him now. He was also brave enough to stick around for the rest of the show and share his thoughts on topics related to personal motivation, inner-city living, drinking, and policing in communities. Thanks to Jason Scott Page for starting us off. Darren Marshal, AKA the Minister of Useless Information, also joined us for a drink and some laughs.


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At 11am Today: Bombing Iraq – Chat with Andy Thayer

We’re firing the show up a little earlier again today. When a force as powerful as Flabby Hoffman is barreling at you, you just step to the side and grab it like a train when rumbles by.

Catch us here from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., on AM1680, Que4 Radio, que4.org.

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On Today’s Show: Memorial Day, War, & Surrealism: The National Veterans Art Meuseum

“Surrealism and War” opens Monday, May 26th, in observance of Memorial Day.

This Saturday on Revolution and Beer, broadcasting on AM1680 in Chicago; streaming on Que4.org, we’ll be talking about Art, War, and Memorial Day. We’ll be joined by Patrick Putze, a veteran and an artist, from the National Veterans Art Museum(NVAM). He’s coming on to tell us about what we can expect to find at the upcoming exhibition “Surrealism and War.” The Memorial Day opening of the exhibit marks the NVAM’s second Memorial Day at their home in the Six Corners neighborhood.

“Surrealism is an attempt to revolt against the inherent contradictions of a society ruled by rational thought while dominated by war and oppression. Surrealism seeks expression of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason and free of aesthetic and moral preoccupation. It is this same absence of control exercised by reason that many combat veterans seek to explore and express after their experiences in war.”

The exhibit, curated by Aaron Hughes, opens on Memorial Day. In addition to Jim Leedy and Aaron Hughes, the show features nine other veteran artists that intentionally and unintentionally use and explore Surrealist processes and concepts. Here’s the facebook event page. Event details are below.

A group exhibition of exquisite corpse drawings by Chicago artists and veteran/artists.Come see the collaboration of Mary Lou Zelazny, Lisa Boumstein- Smalley, and Geoffry Smalley, among many others.
Opening Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, 2014
National Veterans Art Museum
4041 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60641
11:00 AM Color Guard, 2:00PM, Artist Talk
Exhibition runs from May 26 to November 1, 2014

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Nov. 30th Radio Show – Interview – Kayenn Coco May, Founder of I2F2 Film Festival

Kayenn and our beer in the Que4 radio studioOn November 30, we were joined by Keyann Coco May, Indian film-maker and producer, and founder of the I2F2 International Independent Film Festival. We discussed a wide range of issues related to independent film, as well as Keyann’s career and Indian heritage.

Catch the Revolution and Beer weekend show on Que4.org, or AM1710, Que4 Radio; on Saturdays from 1-3 p.m.

The full show is below, or jump directly to the interview with Keyann here.

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