Rob Poe, Chicago’s Mushroom Man

On this show, Rob Poe joins us to talk about poaching, foraging, mushroom cultivation, and Permaculture. Rob is a bit of an encyclopedia on these topics, as well as Nature Deficit Disorder. Rob’s business, Chicago Mushroom Man, aggregates wild mushrooms for local high-end restaurants. You can find out more about him at his website.

Also joining us is Jeff Sweeton, tech instructor and organizer of Chicago’s Global Cardboard Challenge event. Chicago’s second annual Global Cardboard Challenge happens every October at Civiclab.

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On today’s show: Rob Poe on “Nature Deficit Disorder,” the Politics of Poaching, & the Lack of the “Commons”

Coming up this morning at 11 a.m. CT, on Que4 radio Chicago, we’ll be speaking with Chicago’s Mushroom Man, Rob Poe on about “Nature Deficit Disorder” in both children and adults, the politics of poaching, the lack of the “commons” and how it relates to Chicago. Rob has a great knack for finding good free food in nearby places, and I don’t mean dumpster diving. He’ll be explaining a lot about foraging and the contradiction of selling his yield to fancy restaurants that service the 1%.

You can find more about all the awesome stuff Rob does at his website:

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