ACTION ALERT: Violent Retaliation Against Chicago Anti-Eviction

We received this request for action from past Revolution and Beer guest Toussaint Losier, current Ph.D student at the University of Chicago, and organizer with Chicago Anti-Eviction:

“On Monday, a handful of us in Chicago went with Mrs. Yinka Solebo as she went to take this petition to the manager of a local PNC Bank branch.

When we she went to hand deliver her family’s petition, the branch manager acted as if she had no business being there and refused to look up her name in their system.

When I tried to help hand over the Solebos’ petition to the branch manager, they literally threw our petition out of the door.

When I explained that more than a thousand people around the county wanted to know why PNC Bank would not take the time to sit and negotiate a solution with the Solebos, the bank’s security guard grabbed me and nearly threw me to the ground – and then called the police and had me arrested.

Even though our efforts to help the Solebos are clearly being criminalized, we will do our part to make sure this family is being treated with dignity.

Can you take a moment to help us?

If so, please considering signing and sharing the petition for the Solebos and calling 412-803-1296 for Beverly Duboski, Secretary to PNC Bank CEO William Demchak and tell her:

‘Hello, my name is ________________. I am calling on behalf of Yomi Solebo, who use to live at 1920 Vermette Circle in Plainfield, Illinois. When unemployment struck, his and his family tried to work with PNC to pay what they could. Instead of working with them, PNC Bank foreclosed on them and refused to go to court when they tried to stop their eviction. For the past three months, the Solebos have been homeless and there home has been empty. We are demanding that PNC Bank give them an opportunity to pay off their mortgage and move back into their home.’

Also, please call the local PNC Bank branch at 773-483-9349 to tell the manager:

‘Hello, my name is _________________. I was shocked to learn that your branch refused to accept a petition that I signed regarding PNC Bank’s eviction of Yomi Solebo and his family from their Plainfield home. I was also shocked that you arrested one of the people tha tried to help deliver this petition. I am calling to demand that your bank drop the charges against those who were arrested.’

We will continue to work with the Solebo family and we appreciate any help that you can offer. 


Toussaint and the rest of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign”

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