Fetus for Sale, anyone? (Warning: Drunken Rant…)

I’m a little drunk, so nothing I say here can be used against me in a court of law. That said, I have been listening to the manufactured outrage of the manipulation media on the right. If you think for one moment that Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity give a damn about anything that doesn’t come with cash wrapped in talking points, then Donald Trump is your dream candidate. That said, given the last polls in our idiocracy I’m likely to end up in a Trump re-education camp for that last comment!

Incidentally, driving up South Wabash towards Chicago’s Loop, the “Trump” on Trump towers looks like a monogram on a condom. Oh, I am so screwed when Donald suspends the constitution; because we all know if we are running the nation like a corporation, there is no constitution of bill of Rights.

Today’s breaking news about Planned Parenthood and a video which, after heavy editing, and obtuse opinionation by rightwing pundits purports to portray the women’s health service as some sort of ghoulish enterprise. A host to a morning program in Chicago likened the affair to Josef Mengele, the Nazi Doctor who experimented on inmates during the Second World War. A Caller to the Limbaugh program called it Nazi-esque. Limbaugh could not have agreed less. And so it was all across the righting media today, because it is the season for faux outrage.

The Christian right and anti-choice zealots will rejoice at such a choice piece of meat. T’is the season. That is, if you recall the last several voting cycles, about this time, roughly a year to a year and a half out from a big election, something shocking always this way comes. Last time around it was the ACORN video. The timing isn’t by accident. There is a timing factor here.

The Right presents the illusion to evangelicals, the Tea Party and the far right base that it has some say in party politics. In truth, there is a status quo Republican hierarchy which requires the control aspect of religion to rally its constituency. They, however, are a liability in general elections. They are the base, but they don’t win elections. Elections are won in the middle.

Like ACORN, the Planned Parenthood story is meant to excite the base. In the end, at the general election, the Planned Parenthood story won’t matter. It will be all about the cult of personality to which ever media crafted candidate is chosen…by the republican, democratic and media hierarchy. Ha! You still think this is a democracy? We’ll all be bombarded with incessant barrages of “middle class,” Muslims bad, Israel and Christians good, let’s keep America strong, jobs, jobs, jobs!

“At several of our health centers, we help patients who want to donate tissue for scientific research, and we do this just like every other high-quality health care provider does — with full, appropriate consent from patients and under the highest ethical and legal standards,” Planned Parenthood spokesman Eric Ferrero told the Associated Press.

Limbaugh blustered that the patient is the aborted fetus rather than the mother. That is, it is the fetus incapable of speech who should have rights above and beyond the mother who can speak, and whom the fetus is still a part of her body. Could it be, due to the diligent effort to negate science in favor of marketing and control paraded as arrogant idiocy and vaulted into law to extinguish the freedom of women that advocates of women’s health and personal sovereignty are driven into the shadows or chasing loopholes.

The truth is this story is as real as flimsy as the bad video and audio it was uploaded on. The anti-choice zealots, and the children they inflict with their Taliban ideology will wallow in the filth of their own ignorance over this one. Bottom line, if you believe in this, you are being played. Like manmade global warming, or the fact that cherry flavored Kool Aid changes the water to red in a chemical reaction rather a miracle from God, the republican base will cling to this like a fat man to a chicken leg.

Ah, there’s the beer talking again.

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