The Coming Genocide in America.

Walsh cut me off quickly. For months he has refused to debate me on Islam. He is a liar, and now, along with people like Pamela Geller, he is an agent in a coming genocide in the United States against Muslims. He thanked god for the second amendment, and after grossly misleading and largely invented numbers, asked what his listeners were prepared to do. The insinuation to violence appears most obvious. I am catholic. Walsh has never been in combat. I have.ResizeImageHandler

The Left is too weak and ill-informed to recognize the Right is rushing the country towards violence. 20 years in the Balkans, including 3 during the various wars as Yugoslavia broke apart, and a front row seat to the Rwandan Genocide, with hundreds of interviews and two decades of study; I have learned the mechanics of Genocide. I have seen this before. The Right isn’t inventing something new: the template always works.

The cornerstone of any genocide is the media. Control of the media and the message are paramount. It is the carrying system of the nationalists. There are 14420 radio stations in the United States, excluding FM booster and low power stations. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 opened the door for wholesale media consolidation. With that consolidation, conglomerates tied directly to right wing agendas and candidates own more than 90% of radio stations. Profitable and successful shows like Stephanie Miller have been cancelled and replaced with unprofitable programming. FOX News, in order to gain market share lost hundreds of millions for years, something that shareholders for companies owning MSCBC and CNN would not have tolerated. That is a takeover.

How influential is radio in the United States? Radio reaches daily about 80% of the US population, generating annual revenue of about $20 billion, more than double since 1990. Rush Limbaugh was paid 400 million through 2016, or about $38 million annually. It is virtually impossible to find a prominent Right wing talk show host who is not a millionaire. Speaking for “everyman,” Sean Hannity makes $30 million annually, with a net worth twice that. Revenue through 2020 for radio is forecast at $13.5 billion annually in the US alone, against online radio revenue worldwide, according to Radio Internet Advertising News(RAIN) of $1.5 billion in 2017.

The nationalists are led by a small number of individuals with other designs. Genocide is a means to an end, not the end itself. The end is the control of the nation, its wealth and the elimination of adversaries and critics . the set up begins much earlier. The formula is time tested, from medieval European dynasties through to Kemal Atta Turk and the Armenians to the Nazis, Saddam and the Kurds, Rwanda, Bosnia and every other nationalist movement. It is nakedly transparent in virtually everything on rightwing radio, the GOP and their current crop of presidential candidates. The corporate angle cannot be overstated here.
There must be an idealized and largely fictitious ethnic, religious or racial group, an internal betrayer and an eternal enemy. For the Third Reich, it was the so-called Aryans that were idealized, with Soviets as the external enemy, and Jews/Bolsheviks as the internal betrayers. The Serbs, fictionalizing the 12th Century invasion by the Ottoman Turks described Bosnians as the betrayer. During the Rwandan Genocide, it was the media that drove and directed the slaughter of 800,000 mainly Tutsis. In Bosnia a Serb dominated press actually broadcast kill lists of Muslims. Right wing talk host Michael Savage support has offered support for the Serbian cause, which saw the cumulative slaughter of more than 150,000 Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo. It works every time, and it is coming to American at warp speed.

The tragedy in garland was a staged event. In the opinion of the writer, Pamela Geller was likely hoping something would happen, though she is unlikely to ever admit that sort of dastardly intent. I witnessed at the start of the Bosnian conflict how the Serbian Press would conflate the mundane or manufacture events to feed nationalist and genocide narratives.

Walsh’s invocation and pretend chicken hawk outrage regarding the second amendment solution to his listeners is haunting to someone who has seen two genocides, and whom is married to someone who survived a genocide. The messaging is becoming increasingly provocative daily on right wing talk radio. The intent is to control and incite when the time comes.

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