Occupy Chicago Holds Overnight Protest at Jackson & LaSalle on Movement’s Third Anniversary

6am, Tuesday 9/23 – 9am, Wednesday 9/24

All Day/All Night Protest at Jackson & LaSalle
Demonstrators return to the heart of the financial district to call out continued inequality, corporate domination, political corruption, and U.S. warmongering.

CHICAGO 9/22 — Organizers who worked with Occupy Chicago from the day the movement began in the city — September 23, 2011 — say they are holding an all day, all night protest at Jackson & LaSalle, the home of the Occupy movement in Chicago in the heart of the city’s financial district.

Members of some of the city’s grassroots organizations are expected to join them, including organizers from the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign and the Revolutionary Poets Brigade.

“The issues that brought thousands to the streets in 2011 are still critical – the housing crisis, massive inequality, crushing debt, political corruption and never-ending war,” says Babur Balos, who organized with Occupy Chicago and is now an organizer with Chicago Light Brigade. “We are here today to draw attention to groups in Chicago fighting for a brighter future, including the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign and the Revolutionary Poets Brigade.”

During the demonstration, donations of winter coats and school supplies will be collected for those in need.

The local Occupy movement was a training ground for young organizers who now work with grassroots groups and unions across the city. National successes include Bank Transfer Day in November of 2011, when over $50 million was moved out of big banks, and Strike Debt, which has cancelled $14.7 million in medical debt and nearly $4 million in student loans.

Contact: Megan Groves, 310-625-5726, megan.e.groves@gmail.com
Babur Balos, 267-246-2173, babur188@gmail.com

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