Syria: The Left has lost its way(The right never knew the way)

Marketing. Modern activism has become the victim of the same obtuse and hysterical marketing that has plagued the rest of our culture, particularly our friends on the right. The looming debacle over the Syrian civil war is a sublime case in point. I am stunned by a loss of idealism and integrity by many on the left. Not for their opposition to the possibility of war or a limited attack against Syria’s Assad regime, advertised as an effort to degrade his ability to launch Chemical attacks on his own civilians, but by the chicken crap reasons the Left eschews action in Syria.

From Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fl.) to Ed Schultz there is this refrain about angering Assad, or the fear that he might hit us back. Not sure that many police officers have the luxury of refusing to answer calls because a perp might lash out. If you get into a fight, you are in the fight to win, even if winning is letting some would-be bully, like Assad, that every time he gets out of line, or crosses a line, he knows that someone bigger and meaner will give him a bust in the chops. If that bigger and meaner guy is acting to protect someone smaller and weaker, what could be a nobler cause? If you know someone is beating his children and you do nothing, and cop the attitude that it is their fight, and why should I get involved, well, that says more about you than about the abuser.

And that may be the most dangerous revelation of all of this, that we are not afraid of principles, only to stand for them. We are afraid of the fight, the just and righteous fight. That betrays to the world a dreadful lack of resolve, courage and confidence.

The left is also pushing a panic narrative describing how there is controversy over who fired the latest chemical weapon that killed scores of Syrian civilians. There is no serious debate that Assad was responsible. First and foremost, the Assad regime has not denied using them. Citing the Alternative media only goes so far. So-called Alternative media, where one could also find stories about an SAS hit squad offing Lady Diana, Black seeds can cure anything, the ongoing prediction of imminent American collapse(Always two years away), something insipid from Glenn Beck, Aliens living among us and Russian pictures of a soul leaving a body, has its own issues with accuracy and reality. Anything in the Alternative media, like the corporate and status quo media should come with heaping scoops of skepticism.

And what happened to my fellow Lefties who long cried and advocated for a world without borders? Suddenly those same Lefties have retreated to a defense of stateism, and retreated from the ideals of going to the aid of our fellow human being? Where are my lefty pals who dreamed of one world and a brotherhood of all people? Their argument that this isn’t our fight, that it is a religious fight, a civil war, or that we need to worry about “our” people first would seem to support FOX News’ refrain that this is indeed a Center Right nation, and not at all a Progressive nation. It would seem to affirm that we do indeed have more in favor of the Ron and Rand Paul’s, and the Ayn Randian morality of self-centered culture, and that all the blathering by Progressives and Liberals the last couple of decades is as ideological and substantive as choosing up sides for a high school field hockey game.

Last is this fiction of Al Qa’eda in Syria. Certainly they are there. They are proving themselves in those small numbers as willing to stand and sacrifice for their ideals and are winning the hearts and minds of victimized and lost Syrians. We are not. Al Qa’eda, despite the hysteria over Benghazi was on the wane. They are capitalizing on this tragedy to our detriment as we cower and withdraw from the world, except where it will make us money. Again, “in our interest,” long the argument of the Right is now the chorus of the Left. But Al Qa’eda is more benefitting from pro-Assad propagandists, and the US has been tricked into their inflated presence and the fear of that terror collective. Shame on us.

Skepticism in all things is healthy, and there is ample history to support being ultimately skeptical of this government. They have not served us well, and they undermine our national credibility by acting purely on money-driven interests. But the debate should be to find the truth as a means of making decisions on doing the right thing, not in doing what benefits our protected and insulated corner of the planet. We should be the big mean guy with the big heart that is that shining city on the hill, who is that last best hope for mankind. The right won’t do it, and the Left is losing it. Find your selves again, my Leftist friends, and I pray you find yourself Progressive and not reactionary.

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