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Revolution and Beer…of the week, Rocky’s Revenge from
Tyranena brewing Company


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So I’ll say it slowly, Ty-ra-nen-a Brewing Company. Ty-ran-en-a, Ty-ranena, Tyranena! A little practice always helps. Now to get down to the important part. There’s a beer inside that short brown bottle, and the fate of all beer is to be coaxed and cajoled from the bottle, by any delicious means possible. This was my mission, which I accepted fully and eagerly.

Brewed in Lake Mills Wisconsin, a small town just off I-94, roughly a third of the way between Madison and Milwaukee, this American Brown Ale is named for a Chippewa Monster fabled to lurk beneath neighboring Rock Lake. Rocky’s revenge boasts an ABV of 5.75%-before bourbon oak barrel aging. That is what drew my attention, over a broad spectrum of 11 other styles, including a Scurvy India Pale Ale, brewed with orange peel, Chief Blackhawk Porter, and Three Beaches Honey Blonde. Rock’s Revenge won out narrowly over their Down and Dirty Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. I’m a sucker for a good Oatmeal Stout.

Recommended for serving at 50-55 degrees, Fahrenheit for my German and Australian readers, which would be disastrous in Celsius, I served this one a bit colder, which subdued the fine cream-colored head somewhat. Rocky’s wafted the sweet aroma of caramel and chocolate, and just a bit of the fruitiness of bourbon from the oak barrels. I breathed it in, finding that hint of bourbon hardly overwhelming, and a poetic addition to chocolate and caramel notes.

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