ISIS? Government’s Grammys?

Does ISIS really exist? I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, Brian Williams has taken a leave of absence in the wake is apparent embellishments on stories that really in the grand scheme of things mean nothing. If you’re unaware of what Williams said that got him in so much “trouble,” you’ve been under a rock. I’m not wasting precious pixels explaining it all over again. This is for the rest of us with a pulse that extends above the neck.

I don’t so much care about Williams. I live in a modern city with internet, books and libraries and not a town in Idaho or Alabama or even downstate Illinois in which dinosaur, corporatized, filtered and manufactured network news is really the only source for tens of millions of Americans. I am, instead concerned about anyone who was shocked by Williams’ personal lies. He and everyone on ABC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC and CNN lie to us everyday.

Those groups are as much about journalism and truth as the Grammys are about real music. Because we know that Beyonce or any of the other media marketing creations are producing the very best music out there today. Seriously? I can name a hundred artists in 2014 with more real talent, creativity and heart than the uber-manufactured and ultra-marketed Beyoncé. This really isn’t about Beyoncé, who I’m sure is a nice…well, never mind.

Williams is just the poster boy for a media and government that routinely parades the most audacious lies to us. Think weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. What about a media and government that still pretends there is a controversy over man-made climate change, or a media that never talks about TPP? How about teaching children in school that we are the greatest nation in the world, and then in a whispering alternative media they discover that America has political prisoners; 85 year old Catholic Nun Megan Rice, John Kiriakou, Jeremy Hammond, Chelsea Manning and many more imprisoned using statutes to stop the exposure of real crimes while the HSBC bank officials that hid $100 billion in a Swiss bank and funneled money to Al Qaeda received the financial equivalent of a parking ticket. Maybe, it’s a government and media telling us the stockmarket shows the economy is great, until you try to find a job, pay your bills, visit a doctor or sell your one bedroom condo.

This is the era of distrust of the media and government, especially on the Right. Or is it? Why is it everything that the government says is a lie, a manipulation, an act of propaganda, except when it comes to those crazy and evil Muslim terrorists? It is as if we can pride ourselves on our distrust of media and government lies, except when it comes to Islam. But there is proof, right? All those terrible videos. The beheadings and burnings, the gun camera videos on Youtube, with tags that read “30mm cannon makes mince meat out of terrorists.” ISIS is coming to a mall near you! The people who claim climate change is a hoax, and measles vaccines, virtually unchanged in 60 years and given to hundreds of millions since then, caused their kid to be autistic, despite irrefutable science, buy the marketing of the ISIS boogieman without question.

Does ISIS really exist, or exist the way it has been marketed through a partnership between a corporatized media messaging for mega-corps with tighter and tighter hegemony over the government? It makes for the ultimate reality television show, erasing the so-called theatrical 4th wall erasing the presumable barrier between audience and story. At least you might be considering the question now?

Maybe ISIS really is the evil scum of the earth bastards we must eradicate. If so, don’t tell me it may take decades and more than a trillion dollars to defeat this militia-sized rabble in the desert, when we fought 3 axis armies on 4 continents and across two vast oceans of more than 30 million fighters with modern technology in World War Two’s 5 years. Tell me that and I start to believe I’m being played. Maybe ISIS is real, and everything the corporate media tells us is the truth. And maybe the Grammys really are about Music and not marketing.

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