Special Thanks to the NATO3 Defense Committee

Dude_wheres_my_molotovA special thanks goes out to the NATO3 Defense Committee for having a member join our show today. We appreciate, and stand in solidarity with, your work to support all prisoners of this system. Brent, Jared, and Brian are now heroes of this movement. Who knows if they really intended on it, but they have managed to take on the force of anti-democratic hostility leveled by the state, and delivered a defeat to the overzealous prosecution. Surely, the cost to them and their family is enormous. That is why we say they are heroes.

It says a lot about the radical community here that groups like the NATO 3 defense committee have formed to support those who came from elsewhere to fight this fight; and got nabbed in the process. Let us hold the NATO3 in our thoughts and prayers, and advocate for leniency in their pending sentences.

Please check out the support site, and donate to their jail fund if you can.


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Progressives held hostage Day 11

Usual suspects? Real progressives might wish, but progressives and the progressive movement have suffered a betrayal from within. Progressives have been taken hostage by Democrat party apparchiks and ideologues. Hardly more than a week ago so-called progressive talk host Stephanie Miller and her crew on air mocked a listener who was concerned she was not addressing the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact that would cripple national sovereignty, subvert US law, allow corporations the power of treaty in looting national treasuries, reverse environmental laws and eliminate net-neutrality. Miller dismissed the listener’s concerns smugly calling it the ”trans-pacific something…”

And it isn’t just Miller, who obviously has been instructed, or is in blind allegiance to the Obama administration for message control over Obama’s apparent insistence on getting legislation for the treaty fast-tracked through Congress. Fast track would prevent debate and oversight. Congress, when they have been allowed access to information about TPP, are forced to keep details secret from the American people.

Miller has become a tool for the two party system; a blind partisan for the Obama administration to the detriment of issues critical to our democracy and to true Progressives. Daily her show becomes one of distraction. It has sold itself, apparently, sacrificing real issues for clowning polemics on distraction, such as the Chris Christie story. With fleeting and minor success over gay marriage-successes the Right will erase quickly against a weakened Progressive movement- Miller seems content to rest on those illusionary laurels.

On this past Friday’s show there was nothing on TPP, the NATO3 or the MICAT 3. Instead, there was almost an hour of Woody Allen sex scandal, gay dinosaurs and the official greeting of Missouri. Clearly those are paramount issues. Certainly Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Glenn Beck are just as focused on those paramount issues.

The MICATS 3 facing 3 years for protesting the culprit of the worst oil spill in US history, and not a word from Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz or MSNBC

The MICATS 3 facing 3 years for protesting the culprit of the worst oil spill in US history, and not a word from Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz or MSNBC

And it isn’t only Miller. This week Ed Schultz, another party blowhard, came out in favor of the XL Keystone Pipeline, which might explain his failure in even mentioning Lisa Leggio, Barb carter and Vicci Hamlin, all of whom should be household names to all Progressives. Schultz has also gone radio-silent on TPP, which initially he was against. What has changed? My guess is that the administration-pro TPP and pro XL- now are attempting through Schultz and others in the corporately-co-opted pretend progressive press to massage the message.

These fake Progressives once helped to rally a community, but now have abandoned it with a cruelly co-opted message of distraction. What is far worse, this comes at a time when true Progressives are under assault more from the Obama administration than from the Right. Instead, the Right, knowing that Obama is fully at war with the progressive movement maintains their constant and daily drumbeat of rightwing messaging. MSNBC might as well be the Chris Christie Channel for all it covers anymore.

I am so disgusted by the lack of cohesion and support for a vibrant and active Progressive community, I am put off entirely by the lazy leftists and facebook liberals. When it became obvious that the so-called Leftie media was instead steering dissent and issues to protect and message for the Obama administration then enough was enough. AM1710-Q4 radio, Que4.org was born to start rebuilding the Progressive and activist media the Millers, Schultz’ and MSNBCs have left in shambles.

It’s time to reject the party line, because the Democrats have fallen in line with the corporatists alongside their Republican cousins. Build a new media, stand together on the significant issues and start fighting the real enemy. Meantime call Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz and ask them to begin addressing the actual issues important to Progressives and to the future of this Republic, or just cop to the fact that their nose is so far up Obama’s ass they can see what he’s just eaten for lunch.

WC Turck has been called “The most dangerous voice on the Left.” He can be heard on Chicago’s only voice for activism, and the true Progressive voice, Q4 radio, streaming weekdays from 9-11am. And listen to Revolution and Beer Weekend with partner and cohost BL Murray Saturdays from 1-3pm. Turck is the author of 4 books. His first novel “Broken: One soldiers unexpected journey home,” was recommended by the National Association of Mental Health Institutes in 2008 for its treatment of PTSD. “Everything for Love” is a memoir of love and war during the siege of Sarajevo. “Burn Down the Sky” was published in 2010 on Amazon as an e-book fictionalized his experiences and insights on the frontlines of the war on terror. “The Last Man,” an Occupy novel is a warning about world ruled by a single corporation. Turck wrote and produced two critically acclaimed plays, “Occupy my Heart: A revolutionary Christmas Carol,” and “The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden.” His current project is to build and proliferate truly independent media and radio stations across the country.

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Free the Enbridge 3

20140203-235805.jpgThese 3 strong agitators & their community are in our thoughts & prayers, along with the NATO3 & all political prisoners of the 1%. Please receive this sincere invitation to call-in with your thoughts to the Revolution and Beer show from 9-11 CST with the good will with which it is delivered. It’s a goal of the show & our broader community to build stronger connections, awareness, & alliances across this region; & spread the good word of the struggle throughout Chicago. (773) 217-8344. We love you all, brothers & sisters. Solidarity!! Free the Enbridge 3!!

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