On the eve of Revolution: The Nevada Ranch War(Warning-Extremely honest language)

(An apology: the original article was written with the assistance of two glasses of Rebel Yell Kentucky Bourbon. When I awakened this morning and saw the reaction I thought it needed to be edited. And so I have. This version is far angrier. My sincere apologies, bourbon always mellows me out.)

Where were they? These were the right wing jerks that laughed or were silent when Occupy protesters were being beaten, maced and arrested over first amendment issues. Now they want the rest of us to feel sympathy or solidarity or be all agitated because these know nothing pieces of trash throw around fake words like revolution and patriotism or use banal and idiotic phrases like “the gov’ment cain’t do nuttin’ right,” or “I just wants the gov’ment tag it out of my way!” If the lights go on, water comes to your little shower and the toilet flushes when you expect it to, the government did something right. If your Social security check arrives on time each month…So shut up!imagesIZAKUW0V

“Git yer guns, boys, there’bout to be a war on!” or so comes the cry from losers headed to blindly defend a deadbeat rancher who stoked the flames of stupidity among the American Right because he refused to pay to use lands that weren’t his. In “AmerKa the gov’ment cain’t boss me. They ain’t the boss o’ me!” Freedom doesn’t begin and end with a gun. That’s called fascism. Freedom doesn’t even start with a gun, unless the bullies and fascists first put them to their own temple.
And FOX and a Right wing media…well I, get to that in a moment.

There are three culprits here. If you are a “freedom lovin’ gun-totin’, 4-wheel drivin’, Keystone beer chuggin’ patriot” who gets wood every lazy posers like Adam Kokesh or Alex Jones uses “armed,” “government” and “rebellion” in the same sentence, here’s a consciousness call! And for the chaos and extremist-stroking and market-creating so-called press or the egotistical douche bags in the government, over reaching and postering over the impotency of self-aggrandizing bullies intent of flaunting power that is given you by the people, listen the fuck up!blmranchers

Cuz freedom to the dumb as spackle vomitus we are inflicting upon the gene pool still think “git ‘er done” passes for homey philosophy. These fucks are bullies. That’s why they have the guns! That’s why 40 of these dicks showed up last year outside a Dallas Mexican restraint with fucking AK-47s to terrify 4 moms who met over nachos to discuss gun control http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/11/11/moms-demand-action-open-carry-texas-guns-rifles/3497895/ Talk against guns in a free country? Kill those whores!

The guns don’t stand for liberty nor do they defend freedom. They only protect ignorance, shield racist trash and are dangerous in what is supposed to be a civil fucking society. The way they force their violence culture on the rest of us to better express their all too obvious manliness amounts to the Viagra of death. Bottom line, gun pussies, you are part of the reason the government has escaped our control. Your masturbatory lyricism illustrates the level of your intelligence and calamitous ignorance over reality, community, self responsibility and reason. And so you will take up guns for “THE CAUSE OF FREEDOM!” I only hope these weekend patriots, who think freedom -and keeping it- amounts to their internet porn, a big truck and plenty of power bumper stickers to plaster the bumper with and a gun. You’re being manipulated, which brings me to number two.

Ever curious why the news, like FOX or Alex Jones is provoking stories? And the rest of the corporate media is just as god damned guilty, either through condescension or a little wink and a nod so they can become the story too. Everybody pisses me off on this one. Why you ask does the media always insert itself into the story? They are the mouthpiece for corporate America, and the corporations thrive on chaos and an ineffectual government. I have seen it first hand in wars around the planet. Exploit, exploit, exploit! Buy the government enough so you can rally security so things don’t get too out of hand and the corporations are free to pillage and loot. The media is control, control of information and the message. They sow disunion, confusion and misinformation to manipulate you.

Don’t believe me? Rand Paul jumps on the media and they all carry the message that every pilot in America should be mandated to carry a gun. 617, 000 commercial pilots. Wow, the skies have never been safer. So where did that come from? Check out “Gun Sales are Plunging,” Feb. 14th 2014 from CNN Money, money.cnn.com/2014/02/14/news/companies/guns-ammo-sales. Thanks, Rand Paul, FOX, CNN, deposed Rep. Joe Walsh and MSNBC all whored this naked bit of gun marketing parading as security. At a modest average of $425 per pistol, not including ammunition and accoutrements, the gun industry is looking at better than a quarter billion in revenue. But can’t tell you nuttin’, American public, yer too smart.

Finally, our government, which sucks the appendage of corporations and wipes its ass with the constitution then shoves it in the face of the American people, shares its own share of the blame. You act more like zookeepers (notice I didn’t say occupiers. At least an occupation force is honest about its disrespect and disregard for the people), with a John Wayne Gacy-like grin, keeping us just stupid, entertained, distracted and fearful enough to roll over and play your prison sex toy. Yours is not the mandate for service, but instead the domain of population control, driven by a sick sort of egotism theater-ed by the costumes of assumed power and the patronage to those who shower your fraudulent campaigns with money and promises of privilege.Bk4vL8WCAAAsBNw

In my humble opinion, opining and asserting each day on a modest little radio station that doesn’t fellate corporate or government power bosses, all three of the above are to blame. So if “git ‘er done” just ain’t homey and wise enough fer ya, try this, while the rest of us work for rational and reasonable reform of our busted government and sinfully trashy corporate media, without engaging in this infantile “burn it all down” tantrum for the weak-minded- think of this bit of homey wisdom: put 3 assholes in a room-or on a ranch in Nevada-guaranteed they will burn down that house simply to prove which one is the biggest asshole of all!

And if there is violence, and the militiamen and Joe Wash, who already is back peddling from takin’his gun down ta git him a G-man radio bluster faster than a dyslexic biker on a downhill alpine incline, manages not to shit himself-and the 3 people beside him when the first rounds fly, let’s hope in a blinding fusillade the media, the right and the government all manage to mercifully rid themselves from the gene pool for the true betterment of Americans!

And for those of you thinking you’d like to get yer shooter and come after me, take a breath, read the piece again and ask yourself if and by whom you are being manipulated. I got shit for cash in the bank, so it sure and the hell ain’t me. And, after all that you still want to put a round in me, because this knee-jerk corporate run world is the kind of chaotic shithole you want to live in, then by all means. You’ll be doing me a fucking favor!

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