IWW Toronto Members: How Students & Faculty get it Done

Sandwiched between Mayday and The Anniversary of Kent State, and nestled on a bed of Chicago Spring, we packed the Que4 Radio studio with industrial unionists and old friends to discuss labor, higher education, and environmental justice. We were joined by Brianne Bolin of Precaricorps, Max Baru and Katie Leonard of the IWW. We also are joined by Bret Hamilton of Save Columbia here in Chicago. Our friend and past co-broadcaster, Mike Nowak, sat in to provide his extremely knowledgeable perspective, as well as our fav fem-fatale Catherine “Povs” Povineli. There was also a pleasant surprise visit from Chicago 1st Ward aldermanic challenger and civil rights lawyer Anne Shaw. We even had live breaking updates from the UK concerning the arrival of the recent royal seed. All this on the defiantly unique and original programming provided by AM1680, Que4 Radio, in Chicago. Stream this original programming at www.que4.org. Follow our blog here at www.revolutionandbeer.com.

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