Polar Vortex! What they aren’t telling you on the Weather Channel

Next week, when that smartass in your office makes the obligatory “Where’s global warming,” comment about the bone chilling cold settling over the country, you can hammer him with an answer. For almost a week now the weather channel has been attempting to panic people about a monster storm in the Pacific Northwest that will victimize 60 million Americans with a soul freezing polar vortex, But that is only part of the story, and for that smartass in your office the storm can be attributed in part to global warming.

The simple version is this; the Pacific currents act as something of a race track, coming off the warm equatorial waters off of South America and running around the Pacific rim to Alaska, where it splits and drives down the coast or across North America. Weather is global, so it is affected globally, but there are regional drivers and regional patterns.

For 5 years I ran a portion of United Airlines’ cargo logistics for the Pacific. In that capacity I was also intimately aware of the operations of Quantas, Malaysian Air, Lufthansa, JAL and a number of other Pacific carriers. My nightmare day in and day out was maintaining supply in several critical stations in which winds, weather and weight were a constant challenge. I was good at reading the weather patterns in order to achieve success and maintain supply and equipment for United’s $600 million regional operation. I know Pacific weather.

So here is what you tell the smartass at the water cooler on Thursday; A Columbia University study found that the Pacific had “warmed 15 times faster in the last 60 years than they did during apparent natural warming cycles in the previous 10,000″. The warmest region of water in the Pacific a two weeks ago spawned the latest in a series of mega storms. The last storm, Nuri grew to a category 5 super storm with sustained winds of 165mph, with gusts to 180mph. Recall the super storm Haiyan that devastated the Philippines in 2013. Both storms are among the strongest ever recorded in human history.

Well, Nuri never went away. Instead it spun north up the Pacific rim where its massive low pressure system will slide down the Northwest seaboard. As it does it will force frigid air over northern Canada.

So listen for the idiots, who will scoff this week at global warming and manmade climate change, but here it is, about to kick us all in the ass, which is what you should do to the smart ass at the water cooler. It will help you feel a bit warmer.



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