Translating Anarchy Through Beer-Tinted Glasses with Mark Bray

So, just what is that “idea whose time has come?”

Whatever it was, the media and the majority of US punditry totally missed it when came to Occupy Wall Street. On this episode, we’re joined on Que4 Radio/AM1680 by fellow worker and author Mark Bray to discuss his book Translating Anarchy, The Anarchism of Occupy Wall Street. Listen-in as we take a stab at “Translating Anarchy” through beer-tinted glasses.

You purchase a hard copy or ebook version of Mark’s Book by clicking on the image below.

We’ll be discussing Mark’s book this Saturday

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This Saturday: A Beer with Mark Bray of OWS while we discuss “Translating Anarchy”

We’ll be discussing Mark’s book this Saturday

I just had a very pleasant phone conversation with Mark Bray confirming the details of his trip to Chicago. We are thrilled to have him over for a beer this Saturday, March 22nd, on the Revolution and Beer Weekend Show. We’ll be talking about his book Translating Anarchy, The Anarchism of Occupy Wall Street. If you’ve often found yourself asking where Occupy came from, and if it left a legacy as it ceased to be a constant occupation of public spaces, then you definitely want to tune in and call in.

Mark is holding a discussion this coming Sunday about his experience with the Occupy Wall Street movement as a direct participant in both the Media and Direct Action working groups. In his recently published book on the topic, Translating Anarchy, The Anarchism of Occupy Wall Street, Mark breaks with the typical for-or-against pattern of analysis, and dives deep into the methods of organization of the Occupy Wall Street movement and where they came from.

Mark didn’t come rushing into OWS, and his previous studies of history and social justice movements made him hesitant at first. After witnessing the rapid development of the movement as a real political force, he was inspired to apply the his skills at research and ethnography to pin down the political philosophies of the core organizers that worked around the clock to build the movement. He conducted in-depth interviews with 192 of these organizers and reveals origins far deeper than most anyone has provided so far.

His event will be held at Powell’s Books, located at 1218 S Halsted Avenue (Meeting room adjacent to Children’s Section). The event is being hosted by Four Star Anarchist Organization. You can visit the Facebook event page for more details.

To hear the show, tune into AM1710 if you live in the north central area of Chicago. You can also stream the show live at ( with mobile. The call in number for the station is 773 217-8344.


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