Las vegas Cop killers only doing what Rightwing media advocated over Cliven Bundy. They should celebrate death of these officers, right?

A couple ambushed two Las Vegas police officers and then opened fire inside a Walmart yesterday, proclaiming “This is the start of the revolution!” The terrorist attack took place only a month after militias swarmed to Nevada and threatened to murder law enforcement officers at Cliven Bundy’s ranch nearby. It is unclear if the ongoing Bundy case influenced the two who committed suicide after being confronted by police.

The couple, who have not been officially identified yet, reportedly had Tea Party and Rightwing paraphernalia, and quoted rhetoric commonly heard on Rightwing talk radio and FOX news, which regularly courts and incites fringe and rightwing terrorists.

In such cases the media is quick to distance itself from culpability and responsibility for such attacks, despite feeding both this sort of ideology and the proliferation of guns. Rightwing and white supremacists terrorists have murdered hundreds over the last decade in the United States, while so-called Muslim terrorists have killed fewer than 5 in the US over the past 10 years.

More on this from Revolution and Beer as details emerge.

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