San Fran shooting a racist attack on White People

The shooting death of Kathryn Steinle, 32, last week in San Francisco is, not was, a racist attack against White people. I say is, rather than was, because the actual crime does not appear to have been intention. The AP today “that the San Francisco woman’s death appeared accidental.”

Certainly, given the suspected shooter’s long criminal history shows the confused and convoluted nature of the criminal justice system in the US, which is overburdened with minor drug cases and pressed upon by a for profit prison quotas, as well as “free passes” for law enforcement officials engaged in or accused of criminal behavior. San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was embroiled in an ugly domestic violence case in which his wife was injured at the time that Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez was released from jail, according to rightwing

The case is indeed tragic on a number of levels. On FOX and rightwing and corporate media outlets the shooting death of Steinle has received more attention than the Charleston Church massacre by avowed White Supremacist Dylann Roof. Sanchez, the alleged shooter of Ms. Steinle, who was deported 5 times is hardly the criminal mastermind portrayed by the media. What emerges instead is something of a lost drug addicted middle-aged man with emotional difficulties. All of his arrests were for possession or use of narcotics, or for entering the US illegally. The incident was conveniently placed to bolster comments by Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants being rapists and murders. Trump however is merely tool in a much larger game going into the 2016 elections, especially as Hillary Clinton and Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders dominate the field far ahead of their republican counterparts.

Trump, supported and defended by the rightwing media as well as the failure of republican candidates to repudiate Trump’s caustic, unfair and bigoted statements about Mexican immigrants has all but cost the right the Hispanic vote. Defense of the Confederate flag and comments about the shooting being “an accident” by JEB Bush, or Rand Paul’s unwillingness to call it a racially motivated attack, despite the shooters own statements, virtually guarantees the overwhelming bulk of the African-American vote will fall to the Dems. Those two blocks were monumentally important in re-electing Barack Obama over Mitt Romney in 2012. The Romney campaign pointed to their inability to engage the Hispanic vote as a primary reason for Romney’s loss.

What’s left?

This terrible story elevates the immigration issue to absurd proportions. After the shooting the right and Trump doubled down against immigrants. They used an eternal lie parroted throughout history about immigrants spreading disease. Apparently they never heard of epidemics of chlamydia and herpes following championship wins at mostly Caucasian US universities. Indeed, the disease myth was used to immigrants in the early part of the 20th Century, following World War 2, Haitian boat people, Vietnamese immigrants and now Mexican immigrants. In every case there was a political subtext based upon White fear. Recently a rightwing Talk host referred to fictional stories that refugees from Europe after World War 1 or even Chinese immigrants were responsible. After nearly a century of study, according to the CDC, the cause, origin and spread of the disease will and likely will always remain a mystery. One article even attributed the pandemic to a passing comet.

The right has painted itself into a corner, at first the champion of corporate America, they now take a back seat to corporatism to the Obama administration, as evidenced by former Attorney General Eric Holder returning to a law firm for a multi-million Dollar salary that represents big banks and corporations. The Republican party is now the party of bigots and extremists, which corporate America is abandoning more and more. The right’s, twisted by the Tea Party and an extremist arm of evangelical Christianity, only hope is to create a climate of fear in hopes of pressuring whites to vote to those fears, all of which are anchored in racism.

In truth, the Right is targeting Whites simply to convince them they are better off protecting the White power structure of the nation because people of color are dangerous criminals, rapists and murderers, except, as Trump puts it, some are okay, he guesses…

The bigger question not yet explored is why a Federal agent’s weapon was wrapped in a shirt and left for Sanchez to find? Why was it reported missing after the shooting? Those questions have been lost to the Trump distraction. Stay tuned.

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