Jeb Bush Slays Baby Hitler

Wait, if Jeb Bush killed baby Hitler, there wouldn’t have been World War 2. His dad wouldn’t have been shot down, helping to pave his way to politics, which would have kept his brother out of the Whitehouse, which means Al Gore would have been president, which means September 11th would never have happened because President Gore would have heeded the briefing titled “Bin Laden determined to strike within the…” (Wait), which means we would never have invaded Iraq and instead would have had a national initiative towards green energy and economic reforms, which means no collapse of 2008 (Wait), which means we would have been focused on the environment and learning, which, which means Texas textbooks wouldn’t have Cowboys riding dinosaurs, which means, OH MY GOD! I would be posting this from a vacation pod on the moon while getting the greatest tan in history! Which means “The Martian” with Matt Damon would be a reality show not a movie. Go, Jeb, go! Wait, unless, oh my god, Hitler wasn’t Hitler, but the little baby Schickelgruber, which means that Jeb killed the wrong baby, and World War 2 did happen and…Man, time travel is tricky

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