Reactionary of the Week: Be Afraid, be very…but of whom exactly?

ROW_050913_wayneHere’s a fact you won’t here in the mainstream press; NRA members were responsible for killing more Americans in 2013 here at home than radical Jihadists! So far, radical Jihadists have killed 3 Americans in the United States, all of them in Boston on the same day. Suicides, murders, abetting murders through straw purchases and accidents have already killed thousands since the beginning of the year, a number of them by NRA members.

Talk-for-hire radio host Steve Cochran in Chicago today, while on his tired Obama-attack-rant said that the threat of being killed by terrorists is real, but that the crime in Cleveland regarding the three captive women is an illusion. The truth is, you are far likelier to be murdered by White anti-government militias or Neo-Nazis in America than by some wild-eyed Muslim terrorist. Within the past two months, white supremacists murdered a warden in Colorado, a public official and his wife in Texas, and injured at least on policeman. And the truth is, women in this country are endangered far more by their white boyfriends, fathers and spouses than they would ever be by Al Qaida, or even his brother Joe.

Get it? Al Qaida and Joe Qaida, the Qaida brothers? Okay, bad joke.

Don’t believe me. Believe the approximately 3 million women abused annually, according to the US Justice Department. How about the 12-1300 women murdered by a MALE partner annually? If you could care less about the women, how about $5.8 billion annually in medical costs and lost productivity? Come on capitalists, that one has to tug at the old heartstring, eh?

This week’s arrest of a white militia member reportedly about to inflict a mass casualty attack in Minnesota went largely unnoticed. It was hardly mentioned and disappeared within 24 hours. We can only imagine how the rightwing and mainstream media would have erupted with around the clock coverage if it had been a Muslim. Most of you will never have heard that story, and there is a reason for that. It is the same reason that street crime on the south side of Chicago is called an epidemic of violence, but institutionalized fraud by banks resulting in millions losing their homes seems almost genteel by comparison. Which is the greater crime? Okay, which is the lesser crime?

The point is, and these are just a small sample of stories conveniently lost to our national discourse, but the point is that the media in this country is not accidentally missing important stories that provide us proper and true perspectives on issues. Even if it could be explained away as a mistake, when mistakes happen this often they are habit at best, and worst, tantamount to dangerous incompetence. But I maintain it is not by accident, but strategies to make you afraid. And then they can sell you anything.

Personally, given the evidence, we ought to be really afraid of white people, and in particular white men. Virtually all of the genocides in history were committed by white men. Nearly all oil company and carbon-emitting corporations are run by white men. Almost all serial killers are white men. Virtually every bank is owned or run by white men. We are told to profile young Muslim men, because they fit the “terrorist” profile, because, we are told over and over, that Muslim men are responsible for most terrorism. Of course-recalling a woman on the north side of Chicago who is about to have her home foreclosed on due to a “computer glitch” even though she never missed a payment-terrorist is a relative term. All neo-Nazi and KKK members are white men. Should we also profile all young white males?

Listen, I don’t fear all white men. Truthfully, I fear no man. What we should be concerned-never fearful-of- is a media out of the control of the citizenry. Not that it can be whipped by the populace wind of the moment, but that it serves humanity with truth and useable knowledge, and which uncovers real injustice BIG injustice, SYSTEMIC injustice, and helps to feed a wiser, progressive healthy community.

Author’s note: Neither Al or Joe Qaida had any hand in contributing to this story…

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