Accidental Shooting’s Skyrocket

A survey of gun incidents by Revolution and Beer has found an alarming trend. Following a wave of conceal carry and gun proliferation legislation across the country, accidental shootings and road rage incidents have skyrocketed, eclipsing any potential benefit from civilian gun proliferation across the country. the survey was tallied from local and national news reports from all 50 states of road rage/accidental shootings as well as stories showing guns in a favorable light. The survey also took into account data and reports from so-called pro-gun advocate sites and publications. That survey found that for every story showing guns favorably there were 14 which underscored the negative effects of gun proliferation in civil society.

Violent crime and gun crime has continued to decline year over year for more than a decade. Conceal carry laws and proliferation efforts and propaganda by the gun industry and the NRA, ostensibly to boost sales, has had little to no effect on crime. The trend was well under way before laws came into effect. Florida, which introduced conceal carry laws in 1987 actually saw an increase in violent crime, robbery and murder. those numbers declined slightly between 1990 and 2013 but still remain far above the national average, despite that gun advocates continually hold up Florida’s pro-gun legislation as a template for the rest of the nation. Homicide and crime rates in Texas have remained constant since 1990 despite well publicized and aggressive proliferation there.

By contrast, Illinois, which had some of the toughest gun restrictions in the nation saw sharp drops in nearly every crime category. Robbery declined by nearly 40%, while aggravated battery declined in Chicago by almost half. Between 1990 and 1994 murders in Illinois peaked at an average of 1300 annually, driven primarily by gang crime in Chicago. In 2013, Illinois’ murder rate overall had declined to 706 for a population of just under 13 million people. Despite sensationalistic coverage of Chicago’s murder rate, driven by pro-gun interests crime rates in Chicago continued to decline overall. Social and neighborhood programs, innovative policing with state and local gun laws helped drive down violent crime rates in the city. Since 2000, from a peak in murders of 665 in 2001, 2014 closed with 425, still a tragically high number.

Recently in Wasilla AK, a 4 year old boy was shot in the leg when his mother dropped a weapon and it discharged. A Las Vegas woman was killed during a shoot out between an acquaintance and her son in their front yard in an incident attributed to road rage. A Michigan gun advocate, Christina Bond was killed in a fatal gunshot to the eye while adjusting her bra holster New Years Day. A Baltimore man was arrested February 16th after the shotgun he was cleaning discharged, seriously wounding his son. Those stories represent a small number of reported incidents.

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