Global Uprisings Conference

This is some documentation of the recent Global Uprisings conference that is well worth a view. The documentary that starts at about 10:19 is a great snap shot of the last several years of global people’s resistance. It’s inspiring to see the Arab Spring, Greece Anti Repression and Austerity mobilizations, and the stunning displays of direct action and protest in Brazil and Spain all plotted on a timeline this way. When you step back and take a look at the current level of activity, you might notice a decrease in the mass of attendance, but you will also notice that the frequency is consistent; and the campaigns more specifically focused. This conference and documentary places us at a point in time of global solidarity around core human and communal concepts of justice. However loosely defined the “demands” might seem at this point, they have already proven to be incompatible with most of the governments in the world, including those who promote inclusion and democracy.

#GlobalUprisings Day 1 – Part 1 with film – Global Uprisings Conference from De Balie on Vimeo.

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