TODAY: Response to Immigration Raid in Chicago

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Eric Rodriguez, Latino Union of Chicago, 773.484.7589,

Elisa Ringholm, Latino Unionf of Chicago, 214.794.6796
ICE Raids Albany Park Day Laborer Corner, Takes Away Churchgoing Father of 3.

Family, Latino Union Demand His Release Before Father’s Day
What: Press Conference with family of Israel Lopez Bautista to denounce ICE action on Chicago’s Northwest side and demand release of detained day laborer.

When: 11:30am, Thursday, June 13, 2013
Where: Foster & Pulaski, oldest day laborer corner in Chicago, and where ICE operation took place.

Who: Brother and sons of Israel Lopez Bautista, Albany Park day laborers, Latino Union of Chicago

At the same time that Chicago Congressional Representatives Gutierrez and Schakowsky held a press conference in Washington, DC calling for a suspension of deportations ICE agents wearing jackets marked “police” arrived at the oldest day laborer street corner. They detained a group of workers, asking them for their identification, took into custody Israel Lopez Bautista (A#094924950) and quickly transferred him to a detention center in Dodge County, Wisconsin.

Israel’s brother Enrique, one of the workers temporarily stopped by the ICE agents, and Israel’s son will be joined by the Latino Union of Chicago and members of the family’s church to call on ICE to release him before this father’s day weekend. Israel is a day laborer who has lived in the U.S. for 6 years. He has no criminal history, has three children, and is a dedicated volunteer and member of his church, Restoración Elin. Family and supporters will also be citing a similar raid in November in their call to end the ICE practice of random arrests at the street corner.
National Day Laborers Organizing Network

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