#Baltimore. Black lives apparently less important than CVS

As it turns out, all those people chanting #BlackLivesMatter may be shocked to learn that America cares more about a Sport Mart, a CVS pharmacy and an Italian Restaurant than the lives of young Black men and women. The media and talk shows resounded with pained lamentations over Baltimore shoppers and diners robbed of the opportunities at minimum wage jobs, or the privilege of shopping at midnight for string cheese and Ibuprofen, Lacrosse rackets or the best manicotti in the county. However, there was little of that same outrage and disconcertation over a man whose spinal cord was snapped. He was robbed of life. His family were robbed of him. Take a cigar from a convenience store and the police will solve that caper in an afternoon. The Chicago police used torture to close a number of cases, albeit with innocent men, but 6 police officers are involved in the “mysterious” death of a Black still can’t solve the caper in two weeks, while the officers involved still collect paychecks? We wouldn’t want to rob them of their paychecks. So, apparently the question has been answered: Black lives don’t matter, at least in this culture.

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