Chicago House: Inclusivity and Equality, Addressing LGBTQ Poverty

A Letter from Avi Rudnick, Hospital to Housing Case Manager

Chicago House provides support to the most vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness. Utilizing a housing first model, our Scattered-Site Housing programs effectively reduce harm by providing case management services and linkage to medical care, mental healthcare, substance use treatment, and job training. Our Permanent Supportive Housing programs also assist individuals with the most complex challenges. Many of our clients face an intersection of oppressions and a varied set of issues.

LGBTQ individuals experience higher rates of poverty and homelessness, and transgender and gender non-conforming individuals of color are disproportionately impacted by violence. The client-centered and harm reductionist frameworks embraced through these programs embody the idea that housing is healthcare, and that individuals should be able to live with dignity and attain greater self- determination once they are housed.

The first HIV/AIDS housing provider in the Midwest, Chicago House has evolved since our founding in 1985 to meet the changing needs of those we serve. While early on in our history we ran a hospice that allowed those dying of AIDS to close down their lives in dignity, we now own, manage, and run four housing facilities in Chicago that are designed to guide people toward wholeness and self-sufficiency.

If you would like to talk to our staff and learn more about housing opportunities at Chicago House & Social Service Agency, call 773-248-5200 and dial Ext. 2 to reach our Housing Support Line. A housing support representative will return your call within 24 hours on business days, Monday-Friday.

Supportive Living Program

The residential housing programs at Chicago House include the Supportive Living Program, established in 1987, which provides a 24-hour staffed, 16-bedroom residential facility for adults. It is often a first step for individuals who come to us directly from the streets or shelters.

Family Support Program

Our Family Support Program is for families with dependent children. Adults living in this facility receive mental health services, case management, and career counseling from on-site professionals. Chicago House also offers extensive developmental, educational, and after-school programming for the approximately 35 children and youth who currently reside in the Family Support Program with their parents or guardians.

Independent Living Program

Our third facility is the Independent Living Program for single adults who are in need of affordable housing with intermittent supportive services. These residents are able to live independently, but still need access to some support services that Chicago House provides, such as group counseling, employment services, and case management.

TransLife Center

CH_circle_images-06 Our newest housing program, opened in July 2013, is the TransLife Center. In the same 9-bedroom facility that we once used as a hospice, we now deliver housing, employment, linkage-to-medical care, case management, and legal services to transgender individuals.

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