Punking the Commie Pope

Being a liberal means never having to apologize to the pope. Recall during the election in 2004 and 2008, we were told by the Right that if we didn’t listen to the Pope, the last one who grew up as a Nazi Youth-no se3riously-about abortion and contraception then we weren’t true Catholics. A few even went so far as to label pro-choice Catholics as heretics. Right out of the inquisition. What was that high horse position regarding the violent and deranged Muslims needing a reformation. During Christianity’s so-called Reformation the inquisition was still torturing and imprisoning tens of thousands of innocents, and the Pope in Rome was still presiding over the annual carnival with wonderful events such as the running of the cripples and Jews at the end of sharp pikes. Ah, but who doesn’t love a carnival.

As another aside, by the way, Christianity didn’t reform, even with humanism. Christianity was reassigned to a social position rather than a political and ruling position. Only then were there public and serious thoughts about universal human rights, efforts to end slavery, the vote, secular constitutions and the opportunity for ever dumb ass hick to get on talk radio and regale us with their Duck Dynasty wisdom. For all the Wikipedia historians out there, that wasn’t Humanism. Humanism was still a servent of Christian doctrine.

But what really gets me is the willingness, with all their piety and catholic and Christian flag waving, like Kim Davis, or political self-promoter Mike Huckabee or a caller and thousands of listeners to the Michael Savage show to throw this new Pope under the bus. These holier than thou, every baby’s breath is perfume gold Catholics are so gay married to their own personal hate, bigotry and religious team sports that they’ll happily side with a nationalist Jew like Savage mercilessly attacking the Pope. They are so lost to hate and idiocy that the same pundits, such as Savage, telling Catholics they were going against their religion for not following in lock step with the pope over abortion endure and indeed join in calling the pope a socialist or worse when he dares speak of mercy for Syrian and Libyan refugees or about climate change.

As an atheist, and recovering Catholic, nothing the pope says means any more to me than anyone else.I am just amazed at the hypocrisy. Certainly the pious Catholics only believe that God speaks through the Pope as long as he espouses what they already believe. So, why complicate things? Why not just cut out the middle man and keep your Sundays free for the important things in life, swimming down at the quarry, landscaping around the trailer, betting with the neighbors on which tooth will come out the next time you are fine dining on generic pop tarts, walking the three-legged dog you accidently shot one day while cleaning the shotgun, house painting over the rust on the pickup, watching the kids run naked through a sprinkler while wistfully retorting, “they grow up so fat, I can’t believe they’re 30 already!”
. Your real religion is Nascar and chicken wings. You are wasting energy and allowing someone else to take the credit each time you hide behind religion. Shout it out loud, and shout it proudly…”I AM A DICK!” Then on Monday, you can go back to your job as a county clerk, Kim Davis.

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