Justice for Laquan McDonald march, Friday, Nov. 27 

laqJustice for Laquan McDonald!
Justice for Jamar Clark!
Police and Vigilante Terror Must STOP!

Friday, November 27
11:00 a.m. – North Michigan & Wacker Drive, Chicago
Look for the Stolen Lives Banner!

Join the Stop Mass Incarceration Network contingent in the Justice for Laquan McDonald march, Friday, Nov. 27 and take defiant and determined action to make clear to everyone that MURDER AND TERROR BY POLICE AND WHITE VIGILANTES MUST STOP! Many different forces, with many different demands, have called for this demonstration. Our position is clear.


After a year of foot dragging, video of the execution of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was released and the cop who gunned him down charged with murder. Laquan was simply walking away when Jason Van Dyke, who had many previous complaints for excessive force and use of the ‘n’ word, shot him 16 times. Watch the video here. (The murder of Laquan McDonald begins at the 5 minute mark of the video. Warning: Very graphic video)

“Chicago authorities are calling for calm now that Van Dyke has been indicted. As Carl Dix said, “NO! HELL NO! People in Chicago and everywhere else must come out on Friday, November 27 to let the powers-that-be know in no uncertain terms that this officially-sanctioned murder—which they have tried their damnedest to cover up—is absolutely unacceptable and illegitimate. ….People everywhere should go out with signs and whistles and begin agitating and raising hell, forming up actions on the spot.

“What are we supposed to do? Wait calmly while the district attorney who forgot how to prosecute when the defendant was the cop who gunned down Rekia Boyd handles the prosecution of another killer cop? While the legal system that denied the family of Darius Pinex even a shred of justice even though it got brought out into the open that the cops who had murdered him had spent years lying about how the killing went down oversees this case?”…

Now that he’s indicted – Convict Jason Van Dyke and Send Him to Jail!

Statement on Laquan McDonald’s murder by Carl Dix


“On Sunday, November 15th, 24 year old Jamar Clark was killed by police (in Minneapolis). The cops claim that Jamar tried to grab one of their guns – but many, many witnesses say that the cops handcuffed Jamar, knocked him to the ground, and then shot him in the head. For nine days a determined, angry encampment at the 4th District Police Station demanded that the video of Jamar’s shooting be made public.

“Last Monday, after days of threats, a group of white supremacists opened fire on the people demanding justice for Jamar, shooting four (none fatally). People in the encampment reported that the police, when they arrived, were more concerned with suppressing the protesters than capturing the attackers. On Tuesday, thousands of people of all nationalities marched in the streets of Minneapolis, demanding justice for Jamar and opposing the cowardly and vicious shooting. The courageous resisters in Minneapolis must be supported.”

Statement on Jamar Clark’s murder by Carl Dix

Join the Stop Mass Incarceration Network contingent at N. Michigan Ave & Wacker Drive, Friday Nov. 27, 11:00 a.m. Come early! Call and bring your friends!

STOP Police Terror!

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Milwaukee Sheriff calls #BlackLivesMatter Terrorists

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said on Twitter Tuesday that Before long, “Black Lies Matter will join forces with ISIS to b(r)ing down our legal constituted republic. You heard it first here.” It was an open comparison with a foreign terrorist group. Speaking this morning on a rightwing radio show in Chicago Clarke, now the darling o the rightwing media also linked ISIS with Iran, although the two are enemies. Iran currently is a was with ISIs.

He spoke on AM560 in Chicago, known for it attacks Clarke’s conspiracy paranoia would just be the confused ramblings of a fool if his NRA backed elected official did not have the power of life and death over people. This from Salon earlier this year:

“Of course, deflection is an effective tactic. A real organization doing a good deal of terrorizing is Clarke’s own Milwaukee police department, which according to Salon has been sued for dozens of illegal strip searches and has seen multiple officer-involved killings of unarmed black citizens during Clarke’s tenure, including Dontre Hamilton in 2014 and Derek Williams in 2011. What do black citizens of Milwaukee have to fear from terrorists overseas when the threat of death hangs over them from their own police everyday?”

Cark’s framing of #BLM as a terror organization, claiming also that ISIS is infiltrating SEIU and other labor organizations brings up disturbing questions about the safety and civil rights of civilians in Milwaukee County. Will or are his officers harassing or targeting anyone displaying #BlackLivesMatter signs? Even more, Clarke believes and said this morning that America can and should arrest its way out of the current social and economic turmoil plaguing the inner cities and poor.

Yet Clarke is silent on economic development, the banks and Wall Street in creating the foreclosure crisis which has crippled Black, minority and poor communities, and has called for open armed rebellion against any reasonable gun legislation. Most guns used in crimes in Milwaukee, like neighboring Chicago come from guns bought legally which are then given r sold to criminals; so-called straw purchases. Badger Guns in Milwaukee was found liable this month in a straw purchased linked to the shooting of two police officers. Ironically, Clarke’s own department could see a financial windfall from lawsuit against Badger and other gun outlets accused of straw purchases.

Meanwhile, the voters must realize that the true threat of terror faced n Milwaukee County comes from ulra-authoritarians, media hounds and protectors of the culture of greed, racism and corruption that have driven inner cities and the poor into corners of desperation in a society which then blames the symptoms but ignores the disease.

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DARK HORSE: Bernie Sanders 2016-Black Lives Matter, for some. (Updated)

It was an outdoor event for Bernie Sanders in Seattle. Just as Sanders began his speech before several thousand supporters activists for BlackLivesMatter overtook the stage. Sanders retreated, abandoning the stage to the activists. Amid boos and shouts the activists demanded a moment of silence for Michael Brown, killed by police in Ferguson Missouri a year to the day earlier. Calling Sanders supporters a bunch of white racists, the activists were a gift the Clinton campaign. But what if they were something else? What if they represented an attack by Clinton on Sanders? There is a history that supports that theory.

Bernie Sanders is a distraction for Hillary Clinton. On August 5th it became only too clear to her campaign that the distraction had in fact become a threat. He has real momentum, as a virtually every poll of likely voters found Sanders and Clinton in a statistical dead heat. More alarming for the Clinton camp is that those numbers show Sanders’ numbers continuing to rise as confidence in Mrs. Clinton continues to fall. The attitude of the Clinton camp is that she will be the democratic party’s nominee, and major forces are aligning behind Clinton to ensure that inevitability. The Clinton campaign’s number one task is to deliver a decisive blow to Sanders.

Sanders’ Achilles heel is his lack of recognition within the Black community. It represents a substantial weakness, as the Black vote is critical going into the primaries, but more so for the general. Hillary lags behind and even is perceived as insincere on economic issues. In the past she courted banks and financial interests, while Sanders has been consistent about those institutions and their legacy in bringing about the financial collapse of 2007-2008, which decimated millions of middle class and poor families. Sanders has helped to drive her to a more public position of holding Wall street accountable, even while she still courts those same interests.

The facture point is in the BlackLivesMatter movement. That movement has succeeded in highlighting the singular disparity in police shootings of Blacks versus any other racial or ethnic group in the country. A Black man is seven times more likely to be shot by police than a white person. Getting to a proper comprehension of that issue poses challenges to many in the white community who have no cultural reference to the Black experience in America. Martin O’Malley found that out abruptly at a campaign stop in Arizona when interrupted by a black lives matter activist when he proclaimed that “all lives matter.” Sanders was forced off the stage at the same event. The reaction by both candidates did little to increase their profile in the Black community.

The Arizona Netroots Nation event, moderated by Jose Antonio Vargas, an undocumented immigrant, was focused on immigration, in a state in which police have pursued an anti-immigrant agenda. She is trailing Sanders in the immigration debate, adamantly opposing illegal immigration but supporting TPP and remaining silent on corporate transgressors, both of which are directly responsible for driving undocumented immigration. 2293692353_e17a771b2f

Here is the interesting part: Bernie Sanders has been the target of two high profile disruptions, covered extensively on the corporate press and on social media, as if to make the case on how poorly in touch with the Black community Sanders appears. Unlike Arizona, sanders did not immediately leave the stage until it was obvious that the protesters were not going to allow him to speak, understanding that the imagery of BlackLivesMatter protesters being dragged off the stage would have been potentially devastating. But Sanders can point to a half Century of work for race issues and neglected communities, including an arrest in Chicago over fair housing practices.

Hillary made the same mis-speak in June, following the tragedy in Charleston when she said that “All Lives Matter,” while speaking at a Black Church. Despite that she has not faced the same disruptions that have dogged Sanders in particular. Whether or not that has been a deliberate tactic to drive Sanders out of the race is yet to be seen. There is, however, a history by Hillary Clinton in this sort of all out political warfare. In that fight her campaign has always gone for the jugular. While establishment democrats and progressives are keen to warn constituents and voters against the so-called circular firing squad in criticizing fellow dems, Hillary Clinton has shown an inclination in destroying adversaries and their supporters regardless of party affiliation. This is her last shot at a run for the white house. Those long knives are apparently out and quicker than ever.

Recall, it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign who began the “birther movement” to undermine the Obama campaign. The campaign also circulated the now infamous Obama “Turban” photo, meant to portray Obama as both a non-citizen and as a Muslim as a means of playing on base nationalism and bigotry. It was attorneys acting in support of Clinton who first raised erroneous doubts regarding Obama’s eleigibility(http://canadafreepress.com/article/22345). At the end of July the Clinton campaign began its outreach to Black Lives Matter leaders led by Clinton Black outreach director LaDavia Drane. On July 25th Drane attended the Movement for Black Lives convention in Cleveland, which saw some 1400 attendees. BuzzFeed confirmed from the Clinton campaign that Drane held “one on one meetings” with key figures (http://www.buzzfeed.com/darrensands/clinton-campaign-starts-black-lives-matter-outreach#.pxv5VPoJ7). Opel Tometi, founder of the group that disrupted the Netroots event expressed an interest in meeting with Drane. This from her Twitter following the event:
opal tometi ‏@opalayo Jul 27
opal tometi retweeted Tana Hargest
Nah, Clinton camp absolutely did not meet with #BlackLivesMatter. https://t.co/pam8V0Yh8U
opal tometi added,
Tana Hargest @TanaHargest
Clinton’s black engagement dir. LaDavia Drane attended #M4BL & didn’t meet w/@aliciagarza @osope or @opalayo Huh??? https://twitter.com/katherinemiller/status/625496183360892929 …

Tometi is a tireless activist, for both immigrant and African American rights. It seems likely that two events disrupting Bernie Sanders, just as his momentum is proving a substantial threat to Clinton’s designs on the white house are coincidental, a lack of organization or the open door policy of Sanders events in welcoming everyone. By contrast Hillary maintains strict order in every environment, even roping away reporters. Hillary events, it should be noted, are virtual fortresses, usually requiring mandatory donations to get within eyesight of the candidate. Still, Sanders’ immediate reaction was to hire a new press secretary, a Black woman and active supporter of the BlackLivesMatter movement, Symone Sanders. It at least communicates an effort to squarely address issues critical to progressives and the Left.

Tia Oso, who works alongside, Opel Tometi, and who took the stage and microphone in Arizona tweeted earlier this month that, “Hillary has been getting protests. There is likely a demonstration in front of her HQ every day.” That may describe the true problem. The Black community is the battleground between Sanders and Clinton. For Sanders, the reaction by his predominantly white base may become his biggest weakness. That base was clearly upset by the Seattle disruption, sparking a social media battle that may drive away Black voters and BLM activists. In Chicago, so-called progressive radio station WCPT’ drive-time host Norman Goldman was livid about the affront to Sanders.

For Hillary it may just be hollow words to a community exhausted and cynical about hollow words and focus group responses at a time when deaths of Blacks at the hands of police seem to be on the rise rather than…

As one activists put it on Twitter, echoing a theme and strategy of oppressed peoples everywhere. “When oppression is the #statusquo, disruption is a moral duty.”

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#Baltimore. Black lives apparently less important than CVS

As it turns out, all those people chanting #BlackLivesMatter may be shocked to learn that America cares more about a Sport Mart, a CVS pharmacy and an Italian Restaurant than the lives of young Black men and women. The media and talk shows resounded with pained lamentations over Baltimore shoppers and diners robbed of the opportunities at minimum wage jobs, or the privilege of shopping at midnight for string cheese and Ibuprofen, Lacrosse rackets or the best manicotti in the county. However, there was little of that same outrage and disconcertation over a man whose spinal cord was snapped. He was robbed of life. His family were robbed of him. Take a cigar from a convenience store and the police will solve that caper in an afternoon. The Chicago police used torture to close a number of cases, albeit with innocent men, but 6 police officers are involved in the “mysterious” death of a Black still can’t solve the caper in two weeks, while the officers involved still collect paychecks? We wouldn’t want to rob them of their paychecks. So, apparently the question has been answered: Black lives don’t matter, at least in this culture.

Listen Saturday’s from 11am-1pm to WC Turck, Brian Murray and guests on Chicago’s real alternative media, AM1680, Q4 radio, streaming at www.que4.org.
CAM00236WC Turck is an author, artist, playwright and talk radio host in Chicago. He has been called the most dangerous voice on the Left. His new book “A Tragic Fate: is an unflinching look at the events leading up to the shooting down of Malaysia Air Flight 17.” His first novel, “Broken” was recommended by NAMI for its treatment of PTSD. In 2006 he published “Everything for Love,” a memoir of his experiences during the siege of Sarajevo. He wrote and produced two critically acclaimed plays, “Occupy my Heart” and “The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden.” He works with the homeless and foreclosure victims in Chicago. He partners in a weekly radio show dedicated to issues, society and politics with cohost, activist and artist Brian Murray For more information, past shows, videos and articles, visit www.revolutioandbeer.com

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