Milwaukee Sheriff calls #BlackLivesMatter Terrorists

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said on Twitter Tuesday that Before long, “Black Lies Matter will join forces with ISIS to b(r)ing down our legal constituted republic. You heard it first here.” It was an open comparison with a foreign terrorist group. Speaking this morning on a rightwing radio show in Chicago Clarke, now the darling o the rightwing media also linked ISIS with Iran, although the two are enemies. Iran currently is a was with ISIs.

He spoke on AM560 in Chicago, known for it attacks Clarke’s conspiracy paranoia would just be the confused ramblings of a fool if his NRA backed elected official did not have the power of life and death over people. This from Salon earlier this year:

“Of course, deflection is an effective tactic. A real organization doing a good deal of terrorizing is Clarke’s own Milwaukee police department, which according to Salon has been sued for dozens of illegal strip searches and has seen multiple officer-involved killings of unarmed black citizens during Clarke’s tenure, including Dontre Hamilton in 2014 and Derek Williams in 2011. What do black citizens of Milwaukee have to fear from terrorists overseas when the threat of death hangs over them from their own police everyday?”

Cark’s framing of #BLM as a terror organization, claiming also that ISIS is infiltrating SEIU and other labor organizations brings up disturbing questions about the safety and civil rights of civilians in Milwaukee County. Will or are his officers harassing or targeting anyone displaying #BlackLivesMatter signs? Even more, Clarke believes and said this morning that America can and should arrest its way out of the current social and economic turmoil plaguing the inner cities and poor.

Yet Clarke is silent on economic development, the banks and Wall Street in creating the foreclosure crisis which has crippled Black, minority and poor communities, and has called for open armed rebellion against any reasonable gun legislation. Most guns used in crimes in Milwaukee, like neighboring Chicago come from guns bought legally which are then given r sold to criminals; so-called straw purchases. Badger Guns in Milwaukee was found liable this month in a straw purchased linked to the shooting of two police officers. Ironically, Clarke’s own department could see a financial windfall from lawsuit against Badger and other gun outlets accused of straw purchases.

Meanwhile, the voters must realize that the true threat of terror faced n Milwaukee County comes from ulra-authoritarians, media hounds and protectors of the culture of greed, racism and corruption that have driven inner cities and the poor into corners of desperation in a society which then blames the symptoms but ignores the disease.

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