Happy Thanksgiving. I like Meat: A confession.

Turkey. It’s kind of been done to death from a cooking point of view, hasn’t it? Let’s face it, the reason we eat Turkey on Thanksgiving, despite the relative culinary atrocities done to it by Aunt May, or that haggard and over-stressed family member frantically cooking a Norman Rockwell painting before he/she has to leave right after dinner to be back at work at the retail store open Thanksgiving, is the marketing and the chemically mutated Turkey Frankenstein-ed to feed 18.

But if that’s your focal point for fending off the anti-family forces of FOX, the right, out-of-control capitalists and fruit cake purveyors, then enjoy. Fight for that bit of family. Who am I to tell you that American’s consume almost 10 times the amount of meat they consumed in 1980, and that the over-consumption is the likely cause of a myriad of diseases and ailments burying more Americans in a week than Ebola does annually around the globe. Trust me, the wife is always admonishing me that I don’t have to have meat every day and with every meal. I like it. In fact, I love it, but yes I’m trying to cut back.

The wife and I don’t buy into any strict regimen or dietary obligation. I understand tradition, and to me the ultimate tradition is spending time with family and friends, or simply just taking a step back, something wholly separate and apart from money, commerce and consumerism. Thanksgiving should be about something real; a rebirth to family. Hell, have a couple of frozen pizzas, a giant plate of Irish Nachos or a huge unbelievable salad instead of the obligation stress of manufacturing the perfect Turkey dinner. Have a soul food Christmas and use all of the other parts of the animal. In the Balkans, where the wife hails from, they have a communal meal called a Mezza, of cut up fresh veggies, fresh cheeses and dips, hearty breads, a bit of sliced cured meats and enough liquor to float a sailing ship. Everyone just picks and drinks and conversates. meze2

Does anyone remember conversation? See if you can talk with someone for 1 hour without referencing a meme on Facebook or a video on Youtube or checking an email or text on your phone. Don’t Google. Don’t even Yahoo.

But just one note. Not long ago I had a chat with a vegan friend of mine who said that the vegans are coming for all the meat eaters. ONE DAY VEGANS WILL RULE THE WORLD! That friend certainly did not represent all of the vegans I know, and have cooked for quite a few. I just want us all to agree that belligerent meat eaters are just as annoying as belligerent vegans, and sadly those fringe idiots are the ones we hear from. And as for Vegans ruling the world sometime in the distant future? Maybe, but we only know that will be right before the robots eat them!

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