Turkey a terrorist State?

Is it time to expel Turkey from the EU? This week Turkey’s Prime Minister, in yet another move by his government towards despotism announced that Muslims had discovered America three centuries before Columbus. http://news.yahoo.com/erdogan-says-muslims-not-columbus-discovered-americas-162759161.html Never mind that Columbus did not discover anything, but instead trespassed and then helped steal someone else’s land. The claim might be dismissed as foolish if it had not come with a string of other extremist acts and policies.

Erdogan’s heavy handed policies against protesters earlier this year demonstrated a fundamental lapse in domestic policy, but Erdogan’s ruling Islamist party continues to lead Turkey down a dangerous and isolationist path. That path carries he and his nation further away from the ideals and inclusiveness of the European Union and closer to groups like ISIS.

Indeed, Erdogan has engaged in a dangerous waltz, threading a line between the advantages of Europe and membership in NATO while, according to a number of reports engaging in direct actions that lend material and financial support to ISIS. In fact, Turkey may already be one of the largest trading partners with the terrorist group through the illegal purchase of black market oil sold well below regular market prices. Turkey has all but looked the other direction over smuggling of illicit oil into Turkey.

While British and American hostages were being executed by ISIS militants, Turkey, in an exchange still shrouded in mystery managed to swap 49 Turkish nationals for ISIS militants. F. Michael Maloof reported in September at wnd.com that “At the recent Paris meeting of Western powers to discuss how to defeat ISIS, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu made clear that Turkey’s first priority wasn’t the elimination of ISIS but to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad”


Their reluctance, and resistance to allow US and NATO forces to operate from bases in Turkey, or to overfly the country should have immediately drawn the ire of EU , US and NATO leaders. But it was Turkey’s complete refusal to assist Kurdish fighters threatened with annihilation by ISIS forces in the border town of Kobani last month which should have sparked debate over sanctions or more against an increasingly belligerent Turkish leadership.

Recently Erdogan led an effort to consolidate power within the government. There are some who believe that his sympathies with ISIS and that grab for additional power are not disconnected. Whatever the case, it is time to take a tougher stance with the Erdogan government, which has abandoned, attacked, imprisoned and beaten their own citizens. Not it is becoming a pariah internationally. Time to call them on their duplicity.

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