Gale Elementary: The anatomy of a CPS school closure, & a strategy to stop it

On today’s show (, we’ll be discussing the conditions of Gale Elementary school with Rogers Park community members and members of Chicago Light Brigade. Earlier this month, due to the hard work & love put in by the community, they were informed of CPS plans to meet their demands. Now the school will NOT be closed, and after years of neglect by the CPS which has lead to plummeting enrollment numbers, the learning environment if these children will begin to improve. Tune into Revolution and Beer tomorrow for a live discussion with about what this school and their supporters have been up against and how to secure the gains they’ve made into the future.

Here’s a quick overview of the situation surrounding Gale Elementary School in Rogers Park, as seen on Chicago Tonight:

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Astor House, Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi, and Joe Fedorko

We sat down for a very informative and urgent conversation with a member of Astor House in Roger’s Park related to fair housing and a pending eviction; an eviction that falls like a guillotine just in time for the holidays. This was happening just a couple of hours before a planned vigil in support of the rights neglected residents to stay in their neglected homes during the holidays.

Then, we moved on to some brilliant jazz saxophone, performed by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi. Sohrab took us through his development and travels into the realms of Akido, and on to his obsession with the power of music and the saxophone. We learned about his multi-faceted heritage, and how that heritage, combined with his experiences abroad, lead him to become a strong advocate for musicians rights.

I the last third of the show, Joe Fedorko of Democracy Burlesque took a break from a crammed schedule of recording for their upcoming Christmas show, “Frack The Halls,” to join us for a beer. He guided us into another level of conversation around satire, art’s roll in society, and how artists get by.

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