Stop The Frack Attack Threatening Our Survival

The state cuts corporations a major break on taxes, and offers them massive incentives to keep business here. However, the unemployment rate is terrible, and all working class people are being pressured to shoulder more and more of the burden for the mistakes and behavior of our politicians and business “leaders.” The banks were bailed-out, yet more and more of us are getting thrown out of our homes. The state didn’t pay in what it was supposed to on pensions. The workers paid their share, yet they are now forced to take the hit. Now you want to sell our drinking water to an in-efficient and toxic industry to prop up the dinosaur that is our current energy model. I find this whole situation disgusting.

Here’s a sample letter from, feel free to steal this and do your own. We don’t endorse them.

Subject: Governor Quinn: Extend the First Notice Period for the IDNR rules for fracking, and immediately convene a state-sponsored Council to oversee the rewriting of these rules.


Many residents around the state who have been following this fracking issue, and some of the larger environmental organizations as well, such as the IL Sierra Club, are extremely disappointed with the new rules for fracking recently published by the IDNR. We must take action for the protection of Illinois residents and our environment from the many dangers of fracking.

That’s why I signed a petition to Joint Comm. on Administrative Rules and Governor Pat Quinn.

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


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