Shaming Jesus II

An update to a story we brought you on Saturday. Ex-representative Joe Walsh, accused dead beat dad, who got beat by a girl, is still worth over a million dollars, and still refuses to help Syrian refugees because there just isn’t enough money. Meanwhile in Croatia, Renata Ivosh and her daughter, Olja, each raising a child in a small Zagreb apartment on less than $10,000 per year have collected several carloads full of supplies like food, water and clothing to the town of Bregana, bordering Slovenia. For all of the ultra-critics, the car is owned by a friend and the family is Catholic.

In a Facebook post we gave the relative size of Lebanon holding some 2 million refugees currently, with England. Lebanon is orders of magnitude smaller. England says they can only take in 20,000. The US has committed to far less.

The lesson drawn from this is that the working poor and those truly walking and talking their religion are helping the refugees. Those that demean them as Muslims and terrorists or even as migrants, and who cloak themselves in religion and security and then turn their backs on the needy are the true enemies of God.

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