Rogers Park in Chicago has large numbers of devout Muslims and Orthodox Jews living side by side. Same streets, no walls, same stores. There is no violence, no bombings. No rockets are fired from Devon Avenue at Touhy Avenue, prompting a retaliatory strike by tanks and jets causing more than a thousand death to one side and virtually none to the other side. No one shells a hospital in Rogers Park killing 10 civilians and claims they did it because there was a gun hidden in the basement, without offering unbiased proof. We are told Muslims hate Jews and Jews hate Muslims and cannot live together. Let’s break down the difference between Rogers Park and Gaza: Muslims in Rogers Park, Dearborn Michigan and the entire country free to come and go, are not used as slave labor, don’t live in a ghetto bounded by a giant prison wall guarded by mines and tanks, are not shot at indiscriminately, lack access to food and water, treated as criminals from the moment they are born, lack basic human rights, lack a futures hope…shouldn’t there be violence here too? But justice, freedom and equality are the main difference here. Funny, when religion is revealed not to be part of the equation any longer, the war in Gaza looks a bit different. Reject the propaganda. It’s about human rights.

Palestinians: Nowhere to hide from 500 and 1000 pound bombs.

Palestinians: Nowhere to hide from 500 and 1000 pound bombs.

WC Turck is an author, artist, playwright and talk radio host in Chicago. He has been called the most dangerous voice on the Left. His first novel, “Broken” was recommended by NAMI for its treatment of PTSD. In 2006 he published “Everything for Love,” a memoir of his experiences during the siege of Sarajevo. He wrote and produced two critically acclaimed plays, “Occupy my Heart” and “The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden.” He works with the homeless and foreclosure victims in Chicago. He partners in a weekly radio show dedicated to issues, society and politics with cohost, activist and artist Brian Murray For more information, past shows, videos and articles, visit

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