Revolution and Beer the TV Show

It was a busy weekend for Revolution and Beer. On Saturday we set up shop in the upstairs of the Hopleaf, in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood, to film the first episode of the “Revolution and Beer” TV show, and it went far better than I think we could’ve imagined.

The topic of our people’s beer summit this time was fracking. As beer-drinkers, we’re a little concerned. With an average of 26 gallons of water needed to produce a single bottle of beer, the contamination of our water supply from agricultural and parking lot run-off is causing many problems for individuals and businesses that really on a safe source of water. Add on top of that fracking, and we’re facing a damaging blow to this non renewable resource. Water quality goes down, beer prices go up. Lot’s more reasons exist for us to take some action on this issue and inform ourselves about best practices in water management. Stay tuned at the “TV Show” page for more details and teasers.

Our guests for the first Episode are:

  • Michael Roper
    is the owner of Hopleaf in Andersonville
  • Dr Lora Chamberlain
    Chicago environmental activist
  • David Funcheon
    CEO of 101Celsius

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