Revolution and Beer has been following events closely in Ferguson. Clarity is the critical part here, and it is becoming obvious that police officials are attempting a cover up of the shooting of Michael Brown through a disinformation campaign concentrating on the violence and an assault on the reputation of the dead boy. No broad ranging echelon of power conspiracies, just a predominantly white police force attempting to cover for their own, at least in our opinion.

This tragedy has been marked by official abuse and misconduct.There has been widespread criticism of police tactics, assaults on journalists and allegations of police agent provocateurs within the protests

Lost in all of this are critical questions about the shooting itself, The press has all but abandoned that original incident. Revolution and Beer has been asking and looking into some of those questions.

Number 1: If the officer who fired the fatal rounds at Michael Brown so grievously injured that his eye socket was crushed why does he remain at the scene. Why was no first aid administered at the scene? Not even an cold compress? Why did no paramedics inspect his injury at the scene? He doesn’t seem to even favor his wounded eye? Frequently union representatives will move to cover a member with a medical defense.
Number 2: Why was no attempt at resuscitation, medical attention, or even an ambulance called? imagesTE

Number 3: In the diagram of the street, there is more than 35 feet between the cruiser and Michael’s body. If, in fact as we are being told, via an anonymous female caller to FOX News, claiming to know the officer, that Brown “bull-rushed” him (the phraseology an obviously inflammatory attempt to draw attention to Brown’s size) If in fact he was being rushed by a lumbering Brown that would require and additional 24 to 35 feet additional between the officer and Brown, or a total of between 55 and 75 feet. Hardly an imminent threat.100_8879

Number 4: Where was the crime scene investigation. In more than 2 dozen photos and video from the scene the location of the body is marked, but no indication of the location of spent shell casings.imagesPA1IOWV0

Meanwhile the cover up continues, assaults against the rightly outraged citizens of Ferguson goes on, attacks continue against journalists and the first amendment and no answers, no appropriate investigation has happened on the spark that lit this fire. Why? More on this story and the investigation into the death and cover up of Michael Brown’s shooting as it unfolds…

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