Reactionary of the Week…FOX News’ KT McFarland for provoking the following run-on sentences


Like Darth Vader in a hair helmet, FOX News flapping national security mouth KT McFarland, who proves that Ivy-league stick-up-the-butt elitism doesn’t give you insight or moral decency, isn’t driving the empire, but she certainly is the villainous advocate for rightwing hacks by which the current administration, which I am consistently critical of, can never seem to make the right decision, not because critical analysis of power is warranted, but instead because FOX’s contrarianism, which pretends at “Fair and Balanced. “

The embodiment of the perversion of pandering power and privilege in Washington politics, this slothy partisan has a long and filthy career slithering among the dark littered halls of our nation’s elitist and morally deficient leadership, is a proliferator of that moral and ethical deficiency and the poster child for pugnacious propagators of governmental perversion proffering and asserting through personal privilege that they will dictate to the rest of us. That felt good getting all that off my chest, but you may ask, why all the vitriol over a rightwing functionary who looks like the semi-sloshed newly divorced grandma at some back road 4am bar, bitterly but hungrily eyeing the trucker with the prison tats then stalking him with garden tools after a gin-fueled one night tryst?

Certainly there is plenty to draw disdain to this “no”-it-all former Deputy Assistant Secretary of defense for Public Affairs under Ronald Reagan, which seems to me to be one of those useless titles created to stroke the soft underside of some political ally. Principally her job was to write memos and get out in front of the media and do no harm publically, which I might interpret as the same as a mafia spokesperson for the graft, theft and corruption allowing defense industry pimps to rob the American taxpayer through the proliferation of fear and the concoction of unending foreign threats. It was McFarland, the pigeon for FOX News mafia don Roger Ailes who reportedly currier-ed to commanding general David Patraeus in 2011, in yet another indication of the media’s hegemony over our election process, urging the general to run for president on the Republican ticket.

But my purposeful abuse of the run-on sentence here and now is not provoked by McFarland’s past as much as the statements she made today on a local rightwing talk show on the topic of Syria, which it appears, the United States is about to find itself embroiled in yet another conflict. As an aside, my views on the Syrian conflict grow from my experiences during the Balkan Wars and Rwanda during the 1990s, in which, through an utter failure by the United States and international community to respond early to clear signs of impending doom eventually led to more than a million unnecessary deaths and finally compelled action anyway. Syria is no different, and in many cases is a far clearer case for intervention, or at least it was early on when a strong response by the US and UN might have compelled a solution that would have prevented thousands of deaths, regional destabilization, extremists gaining a foothold and hundreds of thousands of refugees, but then again, speaking directly to the brilliance of our species to learn effective lessons from the past, that train has left the station.

McVader this morning managed to make the case for moral cowardice yet again by this nation, and particularly her chosen partisan camp and to straddle the planet-raping appendage of the oil and fracking opportunists here in the United States. Laying the groundwork, in which pretend opinion is really an elixir for inaction and lassaiz faire foreign policy, not to mention a complete scoffing of clear signs we have imperiled our climate through fossil fuel short-sightedness, Darth McFarland could not imagine why we are still in the middle east at all- which from an energy perspective I might agree with-though as we saw with September 11th 2001, our ignorance and indifference to suffering overseas can intrude in the rudest of ways here at home, and that my solution to the energy question would be massive investment in innovation and renewable green technology.

McHelmet-hair’s solution, of course was the predictable refrain of all of the oil and gas oligarchs purchasing America’s energy policy one politician, one EPA official at a time, and that was that the Syrian tragedy proves that we need to get out of the middle east, take the gloves off of the good and god-fearing Fracking companies that want to bring a trillion new jobs to America, and that the-oh wait, I meant barely any actual or permanent jobs and a potential collapse of our national drinking water reserves-and to support the XL Pipeline It brings to mind the story of a man who asks a woman at a party if she would sleep with him for a million dollars, to which she replies that she would, until he asks if she would sleep with him for a dollar, drawing her shock and dismay and the reply that what sort of woman does he he thinks she is? We’ve already established the sort of woman she is, and now it is simply about the negotiation.

No run-on sentence there. Thanks KT, apparently I just needed to vent a bit. Still, for the time being, I am steering clear of any roadside 4am bars, and keeping a close eye on the garden tools.

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